Michael Lee Morrissey Inventor of TheBladeKeeper®  March 2017

 Michael Lee Morrissey is an Author – Inventor – Business Man – Technician, who is watching life race by in sunny Florida. Now in his mid 60’s, he is interested in spending some time writing. He continues his employment of more than 3 decades, in the industrial sector of America, in the fields of Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, Precision Calibration Laboratory Mgt. and Document Records Mgt.

Additional life experiences the writer brings to his articles, run a wide gamete, in hands-on opportunities, to live and learn. A few examples include: Electronic Tech., Avionic Tech., Nuclear Warhead Tech., Nuclear Missile Spec., Amateur Radio Operator, Satellite TV Dish Tech., Silk Screen Graphics Dept. Mgr., Heavy Equipment Operator, Commercial Chaffer-18 wheel Truck Driver, Service Tech. Oil Field, Facilities Maintenance Tech., Mgr. Cast Iron Mfg. Co. and many more, too numerous to mention here. 

Additional study areas for the author have included, Metallurgy in industrial application, Crystal Structure in semi-precious stones, resonant harmonic frequency effects in the electromagnetic spectrum. The most resent areas of study were website creation and publishing, which resulted in the publication your reading.

  The Author, with hopes of bringing useful information and entertainment to his fellow readers, will endeavor, to bring extra value to the paragraphs via his many and varied life experiences. is the result of this effort. 

The Author enjoys and spends a great deal of time on his inventions. Excitement continues to build on the  2017 release of his new product, The BladeKeeper®. The patent  was filed  in Nov. 2014 and all Quality Testing is now completed. A 2017 Kickstarter® project is currently being organized. The BladeKeeper® is completely hand made in his studio at this time. With funding, additional artists and equipment will be added, which will allow for increased production of TheBladeKeeper® in the future.