Blooming In December? But It Is 2020

Article – Blooming In December? But It Is 2020
It’s the wkend before Christmas 2020 and we have a Shrimp plant blooming, a rose blooming and last but not least we have Azalea blooms!
We don’t see these here in North Florida normally for Christmas, but it is 2020 and we have seen many not normal things this year. The first article I wrote for this year was January 12th, and it started like this:
Article – In The Year 2020… Sounds Kind of Treky To Me
I don’t know about you, but just saying “in the year 2020” in a sentence starts to sound like a rock song from the ‘60’s where mankind may or may not survive as a species.
That was January and since then I’ve had to wonder if COVID-19 and the pandemic was in one of the Trek episodes I have forgotten about. Probably! This episode affected all of planet Earth to some degree or another.
Also, in the January article I mention the technology changes expected during this decade of the ‘20’s and I have caught glimpses in articles on the web that tell me some of the changes will come much quicker than I expected.
So, that article finished up like this:
  So Thanks to the readers of for time reading and wishing all a great year ahead. And as some would say in the old days, “buckle up butter cup”, this decade could be quite a ride.
Well, the year 2020 was a bit crazy, scary, shocking and a couple of dozen more adjective’s and maybe most of all the thought of “what the hell is next” popping up in one’s mind from time to time.
As I’ve said before, trust in the Lord above and His Son and the Spirit is the safest way to travel the road of life. Your time is up when He says it’s up and not before.
So, to end this article at the end of the year 2020 I would say again of course, Thank YOU for your time reading and I would say for the coming year 2021 when you “buckle up butter cup” you might consider adding a Hans Device like they do in NASCAR to help protect your neck because it appears to me that 2021 maybe a bucking bronco that could be meaner than 2020 and cause sudden whip lash and injury and we don’t want that.
Take Care and Enjoy

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