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Article – Angel At Work Again
It was coming up on 5 AM when our edge of hurricane Sally came across our neighborhood up here on the ridge. The Mrs. had heard the sound of a large tree hitting the ground earlier around 3 AM. We had become somewhat trained in identifying that sound from other storm sounds during hurricane Ivan back in Sept 2004. We lost 13 big trees during that storm.
Now here it was 16 years later to the day and Sally has apparently taken another of our trees. She had wandered around in Gulf Mexico for days acting like a drunk sailor but now she was in our neck of the woods. Not good for sure.
As with all important things I prayed for God’s protection from the storm which is the first thing to do. We had had an Angel show up during hurricane Ivan “the terrible” also, and according to The Mrs. looked like the most ancient being you could ever imagine seeing and He was on the our roof protecting it. He did a great job too as our 3 month old roof stayed while all around us there was damaged roofs.
And then of course there was the 80 ft. tall oak tree that fell across our roof in the middle of the house just missing the big brick chimney and was now extending over the roof peek by more than 10 ft. and (Angel At Work) not the first damaged shingle or hole in the roof. Amazing site for sure.
 Well this time for hurricane Sally an Angel protected the old vintage boat The Mrs. and I are restoring. We’ve been at it almost 2 years now and have really enjoyed our time on the water.
I will let the picture speak for itself. The fiberglass motor cover got a small hole about the size of a quarter and a tree bark scrape on the side and the Minn Kota saltwater trolling motor is fine no damage. I told The Mrs. there was not an Engineer on Earth that could have laid that 70 ft. tree down on the boat without breaking something.
My view is, Angels At Work do amazing things.
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