Smoked Corn In The Husk

Article – Smoked Corn In The Husk
It took 5 hours tending the smoker but it was worth it for sure. The flavor of the corn cooked this way is amazing. I had learned about this technique on line several years ago and just couldn’t believe the improvement in the taste of the corn.
So Summer after Summer I have been doing batches of 10 ears at a time on the weekends as long as the corn was available using our grill/smoker and storing some of them from each batch in the freezer.
Of course these yummy treats are extra special at holiday time in the Fall and Winter. While not being quite as delicious when defrosted and then heated as compared to fresh smoked, they are still a treat and of course every year the supply in the freezer runs out before the next crop of fresh corn comes in and can be smoked.
Well this year is different and of course that is an understatement to the extreme but another way that it’s different at our house is we upgraded our smoker.
After almost 10 years of smoking and grilling on our vintage aluminum grill/smoker I felt ready to move up a level and try my hand using one of the those big smokers with an offset firebox. Over the past couple of years of reviewing  and considering different models, I had picked out one I thought would do the job and was ready to buy it when the time came.
So it turns out, if you have a pandemic in your country and lots of people are suddenly stuck at home most of the time, many of those people have barbecuing  in mind as a pass time.  
It also turns out that the smoker you picked out is suddenly sold out and not available. Seems that lots of folks decided to upgrade their equipment and also it appears many new barbecuer’s were buying their first piece of equipment. 
Well back to the smoker hunt we go and we find a nice one we can order through a big box store and pickup when it comes in with free shipping. Of course this smoker costs more than twice a much as the original choice we made but these are unusual times and I had barbecue on my mind. 
I chose the Dyna-Glow Signature Series vertical smoker and after five barbecues I’m a satisfied customer. This “low and slow” smoking is a pleasant challenge and I now call baby sitting the smoker and enjoying a warm pool “fun/work” and look forward to the next smoke.
 So I will pass on a couple of hints. Before you smoke the corn at 225 deg F. for 4 hours, soak the corn under water for 2 and a half hours to help keep the husks from getting too dry during the smoke.
With more than 60 ears of smoked corn on hand at this point and maybe more to come I’m feeling good about not running out of this treat this winter.
Take Good Care and Take Time To Enjoy!
Michael Lee  

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