Good To The Last Drop

Article – Good To The Last Drop
This insect repellent has become the Star of the Show, any Show that takes place outdoors in fact. Be it mowing the yard, gardening, BBQing or anything else outdoors, this is where the action starts before you go out the door.
I’m just extremely happy to report that this product Proven Insect Repellent works extremely well and I don’t have to spray down with DEET anymore and if you’ve been using DEET for decades, this is a welcome change.
Also, the 6 oz. Tube of 14 hour odorless mosquito and tick lotion seems to last about the same length of time as a can of the DEET spray product so cost of use seems to be about the same. The no odor part is great and the lotion does not feel greasy at all and for this guy those two things are important.
Having ordered 3 times now, we also like that the shipping charge for us each time has been only $5 and we have ordered an increasing quantity of product each time. Also, shipping time has been very quick each time and that’s always nice.
Here is some information I found on the substance Picaridin which is the chemical that repels the mosquitoes.
Studies have shown Picaridin to be as effective as DEET in repelling mosquitoes. Unlike DEET, however, Picaridin is odorless, non-greasy, and does not dissolve plastics or other synthetics. The one possible concern with Picaridin is its relative newness.
So I checked on the “newness” part and found Picaridin has been available since 1998 in Australia and Europe and came into use in the U.S. in 2005 so if there were any problems from using the product we would have known about it by now.
Looking for more information I found this. Picaridin repels insects, ticks and chiggers. It is a synthetic compound first made in the 1980s. It was made to resemble the natural compound piperine, which is found in the group of plants that are used to produce black pepper.
So, I must smell like black pepper to mosquitoes and they don’t like it which suits me just fine. I have been using this product for almost 9 months now and I don’t plan on looking for a replacement for it because this works and it’s so nice not to get bit and itch and swell up for an hour when I go outside to play.
Try it for self and if you’re satisfied pass the info on to family and friends because they might not know about it yet.
Enjoy some time outdoors. It can be very good for you and yours.

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