Plastic Bag To The Rescue

Article – Plastic Bag To The Rescue
Maybe the Best Hack of the Year so far. So, if you are one of those who still has to buy gas each week to go to work, because your still doing what you do to keep the world going and you’re just hoping and praying you don’t catch the Corona virus and die, this hacks for you. In fact this Hack is for Everyone who pumps gas.
Plastic grocery bags to the rescue. When you need fuel, but don’t have gloves or sanitizer, a plastic bag works great and it’s free and we have lots of them stuck back for various uses.
The Mrs. picked this hint from the Preachers wife Bonnie who lives across the street. She had been using this hack for years to keep the gas smell off of her hand. So I thought I’d give it try when I took on fuel. It worked fine, so we shot a video to pass on the hint to others.
While this helpful hint is extremely useful at this time with the spread of Covid-19 virus, it might be a good idea to use it always. Colds and flu have been passed around by the use of gas pump handles since self-service became the norm. Most times you don’t know who touched the pump handle last or what illness they may have had.
Also, using the plastic bag protects others from you in case you are contagious and don’t know it. Same could be said for using it at the ATM and other places.
So, since we have plastic bags that have served their purpose once already to bring home supplies, it always feels good to reuse/re-purpose stuff. Feels kind of like getting something for free.
Pull the bag from the top down to make outside in, to bag the germs so to speak, before properly disposing of the bag. Also Very Important…Check The Bag For Holes or Tears First! Reject damaged bags.
Also, I’m experimenting with various ways to hold my credit card while I insert it in the machine because my large fingers touch the metal around the card slot. This is not good. Will try old fashioned cloths pin next. If you have smaller fingers that don’t touch the machine, it’s not a problem. (note, cloths pin worked when squeezed between finger and thumb to add grip to pull the card out)
To the readers of MichaelThought Magazine I say Thank You for your time reading and may You and Yours travel on “Along The Road Of Life” safely during this time of world pandemic. Experience gained with years of travel along this road show faith, hope and charity to be of great value to believers.

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