In The Year 2020… Sounds Kind of Treky To Me

Article – In The Year 2020… Sounds Kind of Treky To Me
I don’t know about you, but just saying “in the year 2020” in a sentence starts to sound like a rock song from the ‘60’s where mankind may or may not survive as a species. That song was released in ’69 by Zager & Evans for all you rock and roll fans and the song was In The Year 2525.
If you do the math, that’s 505 years in the future. It’s been 51 years since the song was released and it becomes “food for thought” on this next decade ahead, the 2020’s. The amazing changes in technology in those 50 years are evidenced immediately by the existence of this website and the web itself. And then there is that “Treky” computer in our hands or nearby constantly, the smart phone.
And of course for many of us on the planet of all ages the wonderful space age miracles of medicine. Many of us are still walking on the planet thanks to these changes in health care in the last 50 years.
When looking at it from changes from ’69 till today 2020, you can add to the list of amazing changes things like the way we provide for security for our homes and business. Security for our cars has come a long ways from a key in the door.  Speaking of cars, the changes in transportation have been amazing. Hybrid cars, mag lift trains, self-driving cars and trucks and the list just go on.
 Having been on planet Earth now for almost seven decades, this one just sounds and feels different to me. It’s got that “Treky” feel to me. Sort of feels like, “watch close, you haven’t seen nothing yet!” feel to the decade. Articles I read indicate to me the decade of the 20’s might contain conversations to friends that would give one that “Treky” feel.
Like in ’69 when they talked about a great vacation trip they took to the Bahamas or Hawaii and how it was something they would never forget and would love to be able to do again sometime. So in 2029 it goes more like “you just wouldn’t believe the view unless you’ve been there.” “It’s just amazing and it makes you feel so much more a part of the Earth when you see it from space, so fulfilling.”
See what I mean about that “Treky” feeling, private commercial space travel is here, tickets are being sold, prices will come down. This change and thousand’s other changes are here now. Availability varies. One expects to see any day now, ads for a food replicator just like on Trek because after all we can now 3D print most anything it seems.
Oh here’s one that brought home the changes of 50 years. While outfitting The Mrs and I’s antique bass boat from the mid ‘70’s, I reviewed electronic depth finders and trolling motors. When our boat was made in Arkansas you could order out a Heath Kit and build a depth finder. The classic style fold over the front trolling motor came with our boat and still works.
Now the changes, we settled on a great unit in our price range from Lowrance Model Hook2 Four X and it’s way more than we needed. Today’s boat electronics for fishermen are amazing. Side sonar is so cool, or so I’ve read. It’s on a someday maybe list. Now trolling motors, we picked Minkota because we’d had one before and it worked great. Back then the companies advertising said, “Minkota, doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit”. I believed it! Had great luck with the product and bought the 45 lb. thrust Saltwater model. Works great so far.
Oh if you spend around $2500 or so, you can connect your trolling motor to your onboard electronics and your boat will drive itself to the fishing spot via GPS and then hold its position on the water till you say different. Sounds “Treky” to me, but I’m watching it where we fish.
Of course this train load of “food for thought” would be really incomplete if we left out Alexa and Assistant and the many other personal assistants that are already on the market and of course there will be more coming along. What these tools will capable of by the end of this decade is more than anybody’s guess, it’s a complete unknown. Guessing probably wouldn’t get close.
So Thanks to the readers of for time reading and wishing all a great year ahead. And as some would say in the old days, “buckle up butter cup”, this decade could be quite a ride.
Take Care and Enjoy!


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