A Smoked Turkey Salad Sandwich Sounds Good


Article – A Smoked Turkey Sandwich Sounds Good

So it’s still a dozen days before Thanksgiving, but there is this strong desire as a foodie, for turkey now and later. Smoked turkey sandwiches are a great lead-in to the holiday. Enough, but not too much. If you do a whole turkey now you might get burned out on turkey too soon, so some smoked turkey legs made into turkey salad sandwiches are just right.
By injecting some Cajun Creole Butter into the legs and using the same as the moistening liquid in the pan, you can slow smoke with hickory, cherry and a few apple chips on the Kingsford charcoal for about 3 hrs. at 275 to 300 deg. Of course this is offset smoking so no coals directly under the meat.
We used butter milk for a marinade for 24 hrs. in the fridge, but it does not tenderize the meat as well as it does our fried chicken. Might try 48 hrs. next time, like 2 weeks before Christmas, and see if that’s better. We are talking about turkey here and it’s never as tender as chicken but, we can try to keep it as moist and juicy as possible.
So as I write this article for MichaelThought Magazine and think about how much I’ve enjoyed those sandwiches and also thoughts about the upcoming holiday and that great big golden brown bird sitting on the table,. It also stimulates thoughts along the lines of the reason for this special holiday.
It’s especially cool and seems to me most appropriate, that the holiday of Thanksgiving was created here in the “good ol’ USA”, before there was a USA. The people that had the first Thanksgiving knew full well, after coming that far on their journey to a new life,  Who to Thank. To take the time and effort to make a special point of saying thank you to the One responsible for their success to that point in time is notable.
And it is most fitting that the great country that developed in the land of the first Thanksgiving, not forget to say Thank You to the Creator. By putting In God We Trust on our currency we say it all.
Wishing the readers of MichaelThought Magazine a happy and thankful Thanksgiving 2019. Take time to enjoy!

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