Hope This Stuff Really Works

Article – Hope This Stuff Really Works
You probably know the feeling of hope building on hope that something just keeps going the way has. It’s like it’s working so well, now just keep working! That’s the hope anyway. So far this new product is such a blessing.
Being one of those poor souls that with the passing decades has apparently turned into mosquito bait. Having enjoyed so many years of outdoor activity with fishing, golf, gardening, barbqueing and other times outdoors, that I didn’t know how good I had it. An occasional mosquito bite was about it. No big deal. And then something changed and over the last dozen years I somehow turned into a powerful mosquito attractant.
Some of you readers know exactly what I’m talking about. You walk out the door and it’s only a matter of a few short minutes and they have found you and you are what’s for lunch. And that’s another annoying part, you can get bit and not even know it until the itching starts that is. The bite spot starts swelling up and itching like crazy. No fun at all, especially if it didn’t used to be a problem. I immediately treat the bite with equate brand First Aid Antibiotic with pain relief. This starts in a few minutes to help relieve some of the itching.
Of course, in today’s world we have various diseases that one mosquito bite can bring you and of course because of that danger and the intense itching, one sprays on heavy quantities of DEET containing bug repellent. Most of the time it does a good job and you only get bit if you missed a spot putting on the poison or you waited too long to spray again.
And that’s the part that becomes concerning after a few years of repeatedly putting on poison every time you want to go outside. It almost becomes a joke, “gotta put on my poison first then I can go outdoors”. It becomes one of those on-going questions in one’s mind, so how much topical DEET is too much over time. One thing you’re pretty sure of, is putting poison on your skin several times a week can’t be good for you.
That’s why I’m so excited about this new product we ordered, Proven Insect Repellent. It was mentioned as a new product in one of my fishing magazines, Great Days Outdoors. We had to give it a try and so far we are beyond pleased.
No unpleasant odor, no sticky feeling on your skin and no poison! The chemical used is non-toxic and even safe for children. How cool! Says it lasts up to 14 hrs. which is great, but I don’t mind putting it on more often than that if needed to keep the protection going.
The real testing period will start soon because we finally had a little rain last week, so more mosquitoes will be hatching out soon. We have had a lot less mosquitoes in our area for over a month now because of the drought here. We went through the entire month of September without any rain at all. Now October is acting the same way, very dry. Very unusual for the panhandle of Florida to be this dry.
If it turns out in the long run that this product does not work as promised I will let you folks know, but so far if you don’t want to use DEET when you go outside to play, try Proven Insect Repellent. So far it’s a proven winner at our house. Prices when we ordered online were reasonable and shipping was on time. I am so in hopes that this product continues to work as well as it has so far.

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