Boy! Howie Was Right!

Article – Boy! Howie was right, very comfortable!
I saw and bought a pair of the regular Skechers and was glad I did. Then I tried a pair like Howie had on, the wide fit and was extra glad I did. Wow! What comfort! And that air cooled memory foam was just right. Comfort and cooling, nice things to have in a pair of shoes.
Finding my most comfortable shoes yet, reminded me of how happy I was when I finally found my favorite pillow. That hunt went on for many years and felt pretty sure when I got my first memory foam pillow I had found what I was looking for. Nope… I was definitely on the right track with the memory foam material, but it wasn’t exactly what I needed. With disks 4, 5 and 6 herniated in my neck, I needed a different shaped pillow. Finally found a square edged pillow made out of premium grade memory foam and have not needed to look any further. Comfort for my head and neck while sleeping.
Amazing stuff, that memory foam. Sure saved this writers butt, so to speak, because of the sciatic nerve experience I had more than 5 years ago while pulling an “all weekender”, setting up this website. Starting after work on Friday afternoon and spending all evening in my home office desk chair. Was on the keyboard by 5:30 Saturday morning and spent the entire day until about 7:30 in the evening. Started again by 6am Sunday morning and was getting close to accomplishing my intended project. The website was getting close to going live. I had setup one of my computers as a server before I went live, so that everything I saw on screen was as it would be seen by others on the web.
It was about mid morning on Sunday when it happened. A whole new experience for me and one I don’t want to ever repeat. I had reached a good stopping point for a morning break and a visit to the little boy’s room. I stood up out of my desk chair and started toward the kitchen and promptly feel to the floor! My left leg didn’t work right for some reason! What was going on, I wondered as I tried to get up. My left leg didn’t want to support my weight. What’s going on?, I thought again. It felt different than when your foot goes to sleep. Back side of my left leg and left cheek of my butt felt weird.
Turned out I had spent too many hours in a row in a desk chair and I had pinched a sciatic nerve. This was not fun. Started with stacking chair pads to give my bottom end some relief and then moved on to advertised brands of memory foam desk chair cushions. I could tell I was on the right track with memory foam, but not satisfied. Did not want to fall down on my face again. So, here is a helpful hint to the readers of MichaelThought Magazine. Measure the size of the cushion of your desk chair and then go shopping in the pet supply department for your memory foam cushion. We give our pets the best stuff usually and this held true for the cushion. Got a big cushion, four inches thick and premium memory foam for half the price of people cushions and bigger size.
That did the job. Got one for my day job desk chair and one for my home office where I publish this magazine and as President of Creations Of Energy, my company that created and patented The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp!™ I continue to build my company.
For those readers who are following The BladeKeeper®, a new marketing campaign begins in October. We have several different approaches we are taking this time to bring The BladeKeeper® to the people. Old CowBoy Writer™ will be in the studio again as our company spokesperson. The Mrs. says she has some ideas to try and she’s usually very good when she wants to try and do something, so it should be an active fall and winter for The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™
Thanks for reading!

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