Back On The Water In Florida Again

There is something about being on the calm waters in the morning that is good for your mind, body and soul. It takes your full attention and brings about a wonderment of “what might we catch this morning.” It just doesn’t allow for interrupting thoughts in the thought processes for anything to do with work or worry. It’s a consuming thing, this being on the water in a boat, what with the safety aspects of operating the boat to begin with and then you can add to that the many pleasantries of the activity.
Including but not limited to, the pleasant feeling of excitement at being in a quiet place with plenty of fish to be caught (if you can), the satisfying feeling that all this fresh air and sunshine and mother nature that is completely surrounding you is doing needed good to your body, mind and soul.
You feel certain the fresh air and sunshine of the early morning are good for your old body that spends 98 percent of it’s time indoors and under artificial light. And as for the mind, well thoughts of your normal world like work or bills or chores or any of a thousand other things have not popped into your mind since you left the dock and that’s a wonderful thing.
And as for the soul, well it seems to me that being around water is good for the soul. There’s something about water that is extra special. Could be many things that are extra special I don’t know, but the calming effect of being near the ocean or on a lake or bay on a boat or even relaxing in the pool, water does something to humans and all life forms. And this is a good thing and needed.
So as The Mrs. and I had a good morning on the saltwater again as this was a “make up outing” because of a pop up lighting storm the previous weekend that ran us off the water way too soon in the morning, the excitement builds for the next outing which is scheduled for next weekend. And this in and of itself is good thing because people need good things to look forward to with anticipation. Having many good things to “look forward to” on a daily basis is helpful.
Having taken the boat out 5 times so far this summer on fresh and salt water it has become easier to picture in the mind’s eye, fishing again in our boat on the calm water. The Mrs. with her book open and her sun hat on and with her umbrella over head, looking every bit like something out of Walden’s Pond from a drone’s view in the sky and it all looks fine to me.
So, at this point I would recommend to all the readers of MichaelThought Magazine at to make an extra effort to spend more time near, on or even in the water while it’s summer time. Who knows for sure, but it is possible that a few more hours near the water might just add a few more days to your time on Earth. Lord willing of course,  that could be a good thing. There is an old fisherman’s saying, “the time spent fishing is not counted against you”, I don’t know if there is anything to it, but I really do like fishing.
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