If Anybody Asks, I’m On Spring & Summer Vacation

Needed to re-group, re-fresh and get ready to go again. Stamina was running low and body needed repaired. Been quite a year so far! February brought high blood pressure and tightness in the chest and we had an idea what that was about. Having done well for almost 11 years after a triple bypass it was apparently time for more repairs. On the first day of Spring, March 21st, they put a stint in a previous artery bypass on the back side of my heart that they had done back in Oct. 2008.
For those readers of MichaelThought dot com that know about heart repairs, here’s one you’ve never heard of. The two bypasses on the front of the heart were done with veins from my left leg. Tests showed those bypasses were gone and had been absorbed by my body and the original blood flow paths were open and did not need repaired. This is not the norm, but this did not surprise me because The Mrs. and I drink the herbal TEA they make in Pensacola.
It was at the time right before they put in the stint, that we found out bypasses normally only last about 8 to 10 years and the vein material used just disintegrates in the body. We were not told that when we had they did the triple bypass back in ’08 and apparently they would have told us later on during one of my follow up visits, but we only did two of those after the bypass operation, because of The TEA, I felt fine and haven’t been sick for over 10 years. I see my family doctor for refills on my Lisinopril  blood pressure pill every 3 months and that’s it. That’s all the meds I have taken for over 10 years.
My Dr. who did the stint could see in the records of the two bypasses that were done on the front but was not sure why, as the normal blood flow paths were fine at this time. Of course I could not tell him that The TEA had fixed it during the 10 years time that the vein bypasses were disintegration, because they won’t believe you anyway. The Mrs. says The TEA uses nutrition and anti-oxidants and stuff. Couldn’t say myself, as I know a lot more about nuclear physics that I’ll ever understand about medicine, a very complicated and sometimes confusing subject. Anyway, we tell other people in special cases about this wonderful TEA we found in Pensacola, FL but we were not about to tell our heart Dr.
Let me be clear about this, at this time, which is about 3 1/2 months after the stint I am taking my regular 20mg Lisinopril and 75mg Clopidogrel aka Plavix blood thinner and 50mg Metoprolol aka Lopressor every day. I will continue to do this for some time as I don’t want to over stress my heart while I build back up my stamina doing projects that have needed to be done. Also, I’m on a vacation of sorts at this time, as I’m only working my day job of 28 years in Quality Management in the aerospace industry. Work on my own company that makes The BladeKeeper® is on hold at this time.
Now, about play time, as we needed a bunch of that also as it turns out, we have ” Cranial Grey Matter Infatuation” again, aka boat on the brain like my article last November for those who have read it. The 15 ft bass boat we got has been fun and has provided exercise that I need at the same time, which is very good. But, it’s too small and I’m hunting an upgrade at this time. I was very glad I was taking my meds the first time we took the boat out, because I had 2 what I call cardio events, which I had to take a Nitro tablet after the second event. Winching the boat on the trailer with a heat index of 98 degrees was the warm up event. Damn near did me in, but the tilt motor didn’t work right and putting the motor up in the lock position to go down the highway was a bit much. Got it done that time and then we had it fixed. Was new tilt trim motor, but was wired wrong.
Put an electric winch on the trailer and that eliminated that possible cardio event. The Mrs. and I plan to go boating fishing this weekend, which is premium play time for me and the Mrs. will bring her book to read and hopefully as they said a hundred years ago, “a fine time was had by all.”  Have a great Summer 2019 everyone and thanks for reading.


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