Oh That Gumbo, Yeah That Gumbo

Article – Oh That Gumbo, Yeah That Gumbo
On the first bite I thought to myself, “wow, haven’t had gumbo like this before, ever, anywhere, but I’m sure glad I can get some more. I waited and listened as The Mrs made comment after comment a few minutes apart about this gumbo. Oh yea, I had done good …again 😊! Last time it was that fantastic BBQ from Brothers Bar-B-Q out on Gulf Beach Hwy, this time Gumbo from the North part of Pensacola.
I had read the article by Jacob Newby for the Pensacola News Journal before lunch time and at 4:30pm I’m calling in before I made one more stop, “do you have any Gumbo left, I asked the lady on the phone? “Yes, we do”, replied the lady and I said “good, I’ll be there within the hour for two 32 oz. cups to go.”
When I got to Green Acres Convenience Store at 505 E. Johnson in the Ensley area of N. Pensacola next door to the Ensley Elementary School, there was still plenty of parking room in the lot, so I grabbed a spot and headed inside. I asked if they had any gumbo left and was told by the cook’s daughter Tricia Truong, it would be about 10 minutes and the 3rd batch for today would be ready. Ah music to my ears as I had hoped all day, after reading Jake’s article, that I could bring home a special treat to The Mrs, as she has been working so hard for so long on our website thebladekeeper.com and really good Gumbo would be an unexpected treat.
So, now I and about 8 or 9 other people waited sort of patiently, for the big pot of Gumbo to be pronounced done and ready to serve. About that time Mrs Truong offered sample dishes of the Gumbo to everyone waiting in line. How nice, samples, but there is no way I’m having a few possibly delicious bites of this specialty and then have to wait to finish my 30-minute remaining drive home before I could have more. And besides I wanted to enjoy this at the exact same time as The Mrs, as this was her special treat from me.
Again, this was a win win for me and The Mrs because this was one of her favorite meals. That being one someone else cooked and also from the quality, taste and value offered in the Gumbo is unsurpassed where we live. The Mrs said, “I hope they are ready for their business to double.” Jake’s article in the PNJ mentioned a possible future food truck, so yea, I think the owner and cook Tran Huonggiang would be happy with a lot more business.
So, thanks to cook Huonggiang for inventing her excellent Gumbo and thanks to Jacob Newby for passing on this Pensacola food gem. It’s much appreciated.
And for the readers of MichaelThought Magazine™ at michaelthought.com who might visit the Pensacola area here’s another stop you can add to your visit.


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