Guess I Should Have Expected

Guess I Should Have Expected Homemade Fries, But I Didn’t
What a pleasant surprise it was too, fresh hot French fries and in a quantity I hadn’t seen in a long time. Oh yea, this was going to be good I could tell and then how about the fried Catfish, as I cut off a piece with my fork. Oh yea, tender and done just right and what large fillets these were, again more than I expected.
And what are these round things over to the side, those aren’t hush puppies, what are those? Oh my yes, fried corn fritters, what an unexpected treat. Hadn’t had those in ages but there they were hiding by my catfish fillets. Yummy sweet corn, oh those are good, yum!
It had taken an extra week or two longer than I had planned, to get back to Brother’s Bar-B-Q on Gulf Beach Hwy Pensacola FL, but I was right when I said in a previous article, “well, their BBQ is delicious and I bet their fried Catfish is good too.”
This time I got a pint of coleslaw as I had voiced approval of this recipe when we had the BBQ, and a pint of the baked beans. Hadn’t tried the beans yet and oh what a treat those are. They had added the smoked pulled pork and their BBQ sauce to the beans and wow what a flavor upgrade. Now those are some good beans.
So, as I said in the previous article on BBQ, if any of you readers of MichaelThought Magazine visit the Pensacola area and enjoy good BBQ or fried Catfish you’re in for a treat if you find time to visit this road side BBQ Joint. Brother’s Bar-B-Q gets an A+ from our house.
Well today is Fat Tuesday as I finish up this article and just read an article in the local newspaper, about an off the path neighborhood convenience store in the North part of Pensacola that’s serving a hundred gallons of homemade gumbo a week and the cook/owner is the only one that knows the complete recipe. Sounds interesting.
With The Mrs getting the upper hand now on our website, if it works out today, might have to surprise her with homemade gumbo. Fun to bring her nice surprises every now and then. Hope the gumbo lives up to it’s potential, she likes good gumbo. We’ll see.

Brothers Bar-B-Q Pensacola

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