Natural Energy Keeps Razor Blades Safe To Use For A Year

The natural energy collected by The BladeKeeper® allows the use of the same razor blade for one year or more. That’s the results reported by our Test Group during a 6 year test, using The BladeKeeper®.
A sterilizing effect takes place while The BladeKeeper® sharpens the razor blade and appears to be the result of the energy collected by The BladeKeeper® in the microwave band spectrum and also may be enhanced by other natural energy bands collected and amplified by The BladeKeeper®.
Concern for the experience of skin conditions when using a razor blade for an extended period of time, was a common question for most in our Test Group. This was one of the questions I had during the development of The BladeKeeper® and The Mrs and I monitored this aspect of skin conditions for a year before we formed the Test Group and let others use The BladeKeeper®.
No one in the Test Group reported any skin issues of any kind during the test and we were interested in the test results from two Testers that reported improved skin condition. One person in the group was especially pleased with this, as he could not use shaving cream to shave because of a skin condition he had experienced for many years. He said using The BladeKeeper®, his blades stayed sharp enough to dry shave with more comfort than he had had in years.
So, as the inventor of The BladeKeeper® I’ve been very pleased with the testing results. I would love to claim “improved skin conditions” when you use The BladeKeeper®, but I do not make this claim. I do make the statement that razor blades last at least 4 times longer when you use The BladeKeeper® and I can state that the usual results of using a razor blade too long have not been seen.
As a curious inventor I have an ongoing test of this sterilizing effect on algae reduction, as I felt this could be useful for people with small fish ponds and fountains, because they seem to collect a lot of algae. After 3 years in the test so far, I am very pleased with the results and this may become a new product for my company during the coming years.
The BladeKeeper® is available at and the latest news and information about it will be here first on MichaelThought Magazine.

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