She Got Me Candy & Balloon, So I Got Her BBQ

Sure, get them what they really want and with the Mrs, really good BBQ is a big hit. We had agreed ahead of time, that this year we would just skip the candy and balloons. So when I got home Valentine’s Day and went to my desk chair in my home office, what do I find but candy and a balloon. I said, I thought we agreed this year to skip it a just go out to eat instead.
The Mrs smiled and said something like, well, I was right there and just couldn’t pass up a little something for my valentine. I smiled and said, you know payback can be interesting sometimes. She smiled and said something like, oh it wasn’t much, don’t think a thing about. I smiled and said, we’ll see.
I had a plan, there is a BBQ joint on my route to my day job I had been wanting check out and this was the perfect time. The Mrs loves really good BBQ and if I was lucky Brothers Barbeque on Gulf Beach Highway Pensacola would have above average barbecue and really please The Mrs a lot and that would please Michael Lee.
So when I heard the first, oh, that’s good, from The Mrs I was relieved and pleased at the same time, because she’s eaten a lot of BBQ in her time. After I heard the third, oh, yea, that’s good BBQ, I knew I had done good 🙂 and so had Brothers Barbecue. We sampled the most important first, the pulled pork, then moved on to the ribs and the chicken and finished with one of my favorites, the beef brisket.
Each meat had it’s own yummy unique taste and texture and the smoke and doneness were just right. Oh, and I have to mention Coleslaw, oh yea, that was special. Some Coleslaw’s are just a cut or two above the norm and this one qualifies near the top. The homemade BBQ sauce is available to buy by the pint and I see why. Yep, that will sell.  A pint will be coming home with me the next time I stop there, which will be soon.
A popular nearby visitors attraction, is the Pensacola Naval Air Museum, and the base is also home to The Blue Angels with their spectacular air shows, So, if any of you readers of MichaelThought Magazine plan to visit this part of Florida and you really like above average BBQ, you’re in for a treat. See for yourself, this is really good barbecue!
Well, the BBQ payback for the candy and balloon worked out great and when you’re fortunate enough that your best friend is all so your better half, you can consider yourself blessed. After more than 36 yrs together, a different style of celebration of Valentine’s day was most fitting and a success.
Since The Mrs and I are neck deep in the marketing part of bring The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™ to market on our website, I think another special teat is in order for The Mrs, because she’s been working so hard building the website. I noticed Brothers Barbeque has a Friday special, fried catfish, another of her favorites, if it’s done right. Well, they did real good on BBQ, let’s see how they do on catfish, bet it’s good too.




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