I Got One Like The Other One, Almost


I Got One Just Like The Other One, Almost

That’s right, when the first one gets old and tired, just go get another young one. Of course I’m talking about my favorite truck and how lucky I felt to find another one, but with low miles. I mean like 65 thousand miles. Sure, one can get much newer truck, but if you really like the truck you have and you don’t like making payments again, this is an option.
Low mileage on a 16 year old truck is hard to find and adds to the purchase price, but if you really like driving your truck, you can probably find another one like it, if you look over several states.
She still had that low mileage tight feel about her and she still has her original ignition switch and turn signal switch and is mostly still original. These are some of the things one notices when he has put over 200 thousand miles on his favorite truck and has had to replace many things on her over those miles and years. See, Dakota 1, my original Dakota, I got back in 2005 at Christmas time, had only 38 thousand miles on her and I was her third owner. She still had most or all of her original parts at that time as far as I could tell and when you start replacing some of these parts over the years and miles, you notice the difference in feel of the replacement parts.
Well, Dakota Too, that’s the name of my recent purchase, has put a little fun back in the ride to and from my day job and fun back in anything, is a good thing. She’s a good bit more peppy than Dakota 1 and of course a little better gas mileage for the week, ’cause at 65 thousand she’s still fresh and raring to go.
It is so cool and fun to get another Dakota, almost like my first Dakota, with the main difference being Dakota 1 has a silver and grey interior and Dakota Too has a charcoal black interior. Dakota 1 was made in Ontario, Canada and Dakota Too was made in Michigan. So, I have decided Dakota 1 is a blonde and Dakota Too is a brunette.
While Dakota 1 has now semi-retired and is now assigned to fishing trips and pulling the boat when needed, Dakota Too and I are ridin’ the race track each day. Twice a day, in the Great American Race To Work. To and from the time clock, at the place of our daily bread. We’ll keep doing this for a while longer and I think this will be good material for a new column on MichaelThought Magazine called, “Ridin’ My Dakota.”
Ridin’ My Dakota will provide comments of a working man’s trips to and from the time clock and of course some comments about NASCAR racing, because that’s one of our hobbies. Might be a fun column, we’ll see.

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