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We had no idea what January 2019 had in store for us, but in turned out to be a lot! Shall we start with the flu and cold bug that is making it’s rounds this winter, that would put an immediate handicap on anyone working on the project to bringing The BladeKeeper® to market.

Oh, but wait there’s more, much more, like oh that’s right, it’s been long enough now on this project, that we need to update our web sites back end, the part that does the money, yea that part. We’ll, that’s hours and hours of The Mrs at the keyboard arm wrestling with computer programs  that you have to win the wrestling match or it doesn’t look right on the screen.

Let’s see, what else can we mention that sought to delay, in some form or fashion, the release of The BladeKeeper® to the public. We had originally hoped to be “on the air” by January 28th, 2019. That was the goal and we made it by late evening of January 31st , thanks to The Mrs behaving like a college student at final examines time. Go SFM you passed the examines! The celebration party has been postponed until this wk end due to total exhaustion on everyone’s part, but it will be a good party once it starts!

We had delays in the project this month from things you don’t expect. Like new printer cartridges that don’t want to print dark enough, and of course, I think it was Monday night when our internet quit, for about 18 hrs. and then came back on by itself. We were glad, because the service call to fix it was still a day away, so we had unusual things happen day after day on this project, but we made it!

It’s Friday February 1st, 2019 and The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp!™ is available for sale to the public at thebladekeeper.com at a special low introductory price of $89 with free shipping. Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity and is Serial Numbered for Quality Assurance.

The BladeKeeper® is hand made by the artists at Creations Of Energy™ and each BladeKeeper® takes several hours to make. The BladeKeeper® is a precision tuned antenna that has been machined to a tolerance of +/-.030”, that’s about the thickness of a paperclip, using only premium quality materials. The antenna is then sealed inside a water proof box to protect the antenna from movement or change in shape.

The BladeKeeper® comes with a Life Time Satisfaction Guarantee to the original purchaser by serial number on The BladeKeeper®. This tool will pay for itself over and over again. Works on all types of razors and blades and cartridges. Not recommended for electric razors.

The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp!™  Patent Pending

Made In USA By

Creations Of Energy™ – Using Natural Energy In Creative Ways Since 2011

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