It’s Here, It’s Finally Here! Yea! The BladeKeeper®


We’ve all been waiting years and years for this day, but here it is! For the first time ever offered to the public for sale, after 8 years work and after ten’s of thousands of dollars invested, it’s finally here!

The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™ We’ve been saying that for years, but starting today you can see for yourself just how great this invention is. If you shave using razor cartridges or DE blades or throw away razors you know the cost adds up during the year, year after year.

When you use The BladeKeeper® you can reduce that annual cost by 75%. Razor blades last at least 4 times longer than normal and you don’t do anything! Just start with a new blade and place your razor on top of The BladeKeeper® after you shave and it will keep your blade sharp for you, automatically! It’s like buying one blade and getting 3 for free. Holds two razors so twice the money saved.

Introducing The BladeKeeper® Model 3 by Creations Of Energy™

When you try my new invention The BladeKeeper® you have nothing to lose! This tool comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee assigned to the original purchaser by Serial Number on their BladeKeeper®. We have pleased 9 out of 10 shavers in our 6 year long test group. We’ve been told you can’t please everybody, but we are trying to by offering a money back guarantee. If your not happy neither are we, just send it back and no hard feelings. We want happy customers.

The BladeKeeper® is Patent Pending and is hand made in the USA and is Serial Numbered for Quality Assurance. Comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.

The latest information on The BladeKeeper® is always posted first on MichaelThought Magazine™ at and will after that be posted on other sites.

Wishing each and every one of you folk’s that use a BladeKeeper® more than one hundred and fifty shaves from each blade you use, because that what I get every year using The BladeKeeper® and a popular 5 blade cartridge.

The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™ is made by hand by the artists at Creations Of Energy™ – Using Natural Energy In Creative Ways Since 2011

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