Sometimes It’s A Cadbury Day And That’s A Good Thing


Most every day, late in the afternoon, but before supper time, is stop and check the activities of the day so far and their status. Kind of a daily stop and let the world go by for a little while and enjoy some coffee or tea. This is usually accompanied with a snack of some kind, usually oriented towards something in chocolate.

While writing this article, I stopped and wondered, has anybody done T-shirts yet with the phrase, “Chocolate, Does The Body Good”? I haven’t searched for the answer to that question yet, but I might. The reason I say chocolate does the body good is because it seems to me, that chocolate always seem to elevate one’s mood a bit, and a happier mind helps make for a happier body.

This is to assume that one doesn’t overdo it with the amount of chocolate consumed in each sitting. So far, I’m OK on that note, fortunately, but I do like my chocolate. When one opens the “snack drawer” in either of my desks, day job desk or evening and wk ends job desk, there is always a choice of treats.

You have your basics, like the Snickers, Hersey’s Almond, Brach’s Peanut Clusters, Dove Chocolate and a few others to choose from. But I’ve notice over time, if one observes the day’s progress of tasks and events has been an little extra good and meaningful, then I’m probably going for the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds.

For special celebration times one can bring out the Ghirardelli and of course we don’t want to leave out Lindt, as these chocolates have their own special place on the list of chocolate treats. And of course there are many more specialty chocolates in varying price ranges and most everyone has their favorite.

But, for me, for a run of the mill “good day today”, I head for the Cadbury. Founded in Birmingham England in 1824 by John Cadbury who sold tea, coffee and drinking chocolate. My favorite the Dairy Milk chocolate was introduced in 1905 and it used a higher portion of milk in the recipe, which differentiated it with rival products.

Today Cadbury is owned by Mondelez International and is headquartered in Uxbridge, West London and brings chocolate to more than 50 countries.

Sure glad this special treat, chocolate has made it to the masses over time, because when it first became available, it was a treat for the wealthy only. Well, it’s soon to be time for this working man to enjoy his tea or coffee with a little chocolate treat. Enjoy!

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