Well That’s Damn Sure Aggravating


After almost 3 years of using WordPress dot org to create and publish articles using a premium template that worked great out of the box, I’m now forced to learn a different method of writing and publishing, all thanks to a new updated version called Gutenberg 5.0.2 and I don’t appreciate this disservice to a long time user of WordPress. When I looked up the word aggravating I found these words that fit very well in this situation, ” causing annoyance or exasperation.”

When you have spent more than $50 on Premium Theme Template like I did years ago, you don’t expect the core of the program you use to publish to change so drastically, that you can’t use much of your template, but that is exactly what has happened to my website.

So when I did some searches on the mater I found I was far from alone in the situation and many of us even tried to go back to an old version and for me it did not help, so I went back to Gutenberg 5.0.2 and at this time I’m trying to put back the things taken away with this version.

I feel sure that the folk’s that created and maintain the great wp plugin template I use will do an upgrade at some point in time, so that their template works with this new version. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, so to speak, Thanks To The Readers of MichaelThought Magazine for Your Time and Your Patience would be appreciated while this Old Dog learns some new tricks and gets back on top of task the of writing and publishing his own magazine.

For those following The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™ the January 2019 release date is on schedule, it’s just now we have many extra hours burning the candle at the other end that were not scheduled.

About Author

Michael Lee Morrissey is an, Inventor, Writer, Business Man and now online Magazine Publisher/Editor/Writer. He spends his day time in the field of Quality Management. His evenings and weekends are divided between family, inventing and testing, writing, reading and study. Hobbies include gardening, NASCAR, barbecuing, fishing, golf and others.

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