Old Peoples Hand Cream…Glad It Works

Article – Old People Hand Cream…Glad It Works
It’s soon to be Go Time for The BladeKeeper® and of course that means using your hands and fingers a lot. No big deal in the decades past, just get done what needs done and wait for the next task. That is, until you wake up one morning and you find you have an index finger that goes pop when you bend it. Your first thought is, well, that can’t be good and you wonder if it will go away after a while.
Well, it didn’t and as this year moved through the calendar months a few more finger joints and a thumb joint joined it the pain symphony. It’s a common thing I’m told and not to be too worried. I’m also told that movement helps loosen things up and reduce the pain.
Well, I had started using Aspercreme back in the Spring on my right elbow because of a situation I had with a large cement bag I had moved with one arm, when I should have used two arms. Anyway, I found relief using this product and now I find myself rubbing it on the tops of my hands daily for some relief.
You use your hands and fingers a lot while making The BladeKeeper® and I have now started making the units in Lots Of 10 to be ready for increased demand for the product in the coming months. I consider each BladeKeeper® I make by hand a work of art from my studio and I serial number each one.
The BladeKeeper® is a precision tuned antenna and I make the antenna elements from electrical grade copper rods that I cut and machine to within a tolerance of plus or minus .030 of an inch. So, the length of the antenna element has a go-zone of about the thickness of a penny, and there are eight copper rod elements in each BladeKeeper® I make.  This work can be quite tedious at times, especially if your finger joints and your thumb joints hurt.
I have been making different models of this antenna for over 40 years and wouldn’t you know it, when it’s time to get the show on the road and get The BladeKeeper® out to the people so they can save money on razor blades, we are now required to make this part of the trip in various levels of pain during the production of the units.
So, rub on the hand cream and keep on going because there is much to be done. We have now ordered a quantity of the “off the shelf” Protective Cover Boxes, after being satisfied it will do the job properly.
For those who have been waiting for their own BladeKeeper®, we say Thank You! for your patience. Sometime before Christmas Day 2018 The BladeKeeper® will be offered for sale.
Update Dec. 15th, 2018 The Inventor is working on an upgrade to The BladeKeeper® and the new model 3 BladeKeeper® will be available sometime in Jan. 2019. Also, the off-the-shelf Cover Boxes have had to be modified, so that is taking more unscheduled time.
Watch for more info. here on MichaelThought.com.  and also on Facebook at MichaelThoughtMagazine@OldCowBoyWriter
Old CowBoy Writer has agreed to continue to be our company spokesperson and our Video Production Dept. is prepping to do a few videos to announce to the general public, that they can now have there own BladeKeeper®. So the excitement level seems to be going up some around here, which is all the better for the holidays.



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