Cranial Grey Matter Infatuation

Article – Cranial Grey Matter Infatuation
Yes, recently I was completely overwhelmed with cranial grey matter infatuation with marine transportation … aka “I Had Boat On The Brain.” It had started slowly over the last 2 or 3 weeks, that quick look at some old pictures of my currant boat which has been parked for too many years and needs lots of work.
So, boat on the brain started slowly, but gained pace over the last few weeks until one is just infatuated with the idea of visiting some of my old fishing places on the water that I haven’t seen in many years. The next thing you know, one is searching Craigslist and wondering how much money this recent infatuation is going to cost.
Sure enough, I found a boat that would fill the need and was at a good price and the next day we brought her home. She also needed a little TLC but nothing major and while laying out a plan to get her completely ready to go on the water, I had a passing thought, just wondering what brought on this case of boat on the brain. After some thought, I came to the conclusion, I had been working way too hard and for way too long.
This boat thing on the brain, was me, telling myself, “you need to go play now” you’ve been at this too long for your own good. While you have your day job and your own company to take care of, you can go too far for too long and end up burnt out on everything.
After nearly 8 years of developing The BladeKeeper® and everything that goes with that including registering the Trademark, filing the Patent, finding the right firm to do the 3D CAD work, and the 3D Printing of the prototype Protective Cover Box, the establishing of the Test Group and hand building units for everyone in the Group, and 100’s of other things that had gone on with the project, it appeared that I was in danger of burn out.
So, for now I have shifted down a couple of gears and will schedule time for me the next few months and kind of re-group a bit. Having been in Sr. Mgt. for decades I have seen my fair share of burnt out managers, but I didn’t recognize it happening to me this time. Glad it’s working out at this point.
For those of you out following The BladeKeepers® path to the people, we have received an off the shelf Protective Cover Box that we are now testing to make sure it will serve the purpose for now. If the cover box passes all the tests it will be available on our own site thebladekeeper dot com, which is under construction right now. Any new information about The BladeKeeper® will be made public on, as this is my personal website. Thanks much to the folk’s that have been waiting so long for their own BladeKeeper® and hopefully it won’t be longer before you can buy one.


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