Yes I Broke Into The Tea Box

Article – Yes I Broke Into The Tea Box
Sure, sometimes a hot cup of coffee is what is needed and then again sometimes, to really let off some steam, to try and chill out a little bit, and then set back and look at the big picture, well for me, that requires a big cup of hot tea. And not just any cup of tea, for me, it’s got to be 10 oz. cup of my favorite. Make half Oolong Tea & half Green Tea and let it steep for a good long while, add sugar and local honey and then Half & Half, yummy.
That’s right, leave those Tea bags in the cup awhile, and stir that light brown liquid for a while. Slowly, round and round goes the spoon and slowly over a little while, the stress level seems to come down some, as does my blood pressure. After a while more, it becomes a little easier to start to see the big picture and that’s a good thing.
Yes, I broke into the Tea box in an act of pure disgust, disappointment, feigned disbelief, and an angry feeling of “well crap, now what do we do?”  The support for our Kickstarter Campaign for The BladeKeeper® was a complete disaster and that result was not expected at all. Yes, I vented on the Tea box … and it felt good, even for a few seconds and then I got a Tea bag out of the box. It said 300 years on the little paper tab and string on the bag.
That got me thinking, 300 years, seems like a very long time, but, in studying the Natural Energy collected and used by The BladeKeeper®, I found indications of use of this same natural energy had gone on over thousands of years on Earth in one form or another. It seems like an example of knowledge gained and then lost, over and over again through time. That reminded me of wall poster in my room back in the ‘60s. It said, there is nothing new under the Sun. Implying gained and lost knowledge over time.
Well, that cup of Tea was several days ago and it did help let off some steam, so to speak. I had planned on publishing this article under the Column Title – On The Road Of Life. It seems fitting, that given some time to let things work out some, they often do, work out that is.
On MichaelThought Magazine I created the Column, – On The Road Of Life as my small contribution to mental health and personal happiness for everyone. When you help others it often seems to somehow help you also, in the long run. When I write under this column it’s also a note to self in a way, because you have to proof read the article several times to cut down on embarrassing errors in typos or otherwise. Repetition has an effect on everyone, almost always.
So at the time of this writing, The Mrs. has found a possible substitute – a Protective Cover Box to protect The BladeKeeper®, since it is a Precision Tuned Antenna and needs to be protected from falls off the counter and such.
It should not be much longer until The BladeKeeper® will be for sale on our company website, Creations OF Energy™ “Using Natural Energy In Creative Ways” Since 2011 at our site on Pair Networks, creationsofenergy dot com which is under upgrade construction at this time.
So, go ahead, find your own little ways to safely vent, it’s good for you in the long run. A Tea pot that gets too hot just boils away, so go ahead let off some steam sometimes, safely of course.

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Michael Lee Morrissey is an, Inventor, Writer, Business Man and now online Magazine Publisher/Editor/Writer. He spends his day time in the field of Quality Management. His evenings and weekends are divided between family, inventing and testing, writing, reading and study. Hobbies include gardening, NASCAR, barbecuing, fishing, golf and others.

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