Thanks For The Opportunity

Article – Thanks For The Opportunity
Wanted to say Thank You to the folks at Kickstarter for the opportunity to have a campaign on their site. While the project has gone absolutely nowhere on Kickstarter, it has been a learning process, and much has been gained from the experience.
As an inventor, it’s natural to think others will appreciate your invention as much as you do and will want your new invention right away. That’s what we experienced during our 6 year test period in our local area. When told about The BladeKeeper® and how it keeps razor blades sharp and then offered a chance to try a BladeKeeper® for themselves, most were quite eager.
Frankly, that’s the response I expected when we launched our Kickstarter campaign for The BladeKeeper®. Was I in for a surprise, as it turns out, almost no one wants a BladeKeeper® apparently. As the inventor I had to wonder why this was the situation.
My conclusion at this point is twofold. First, appears to be skepticism that The BladeKeeper® actually works. This is not new, this is the norm and was expected. But, I had also felt campaign supports would be open minded enough to give The BladeKeeper® a try. I was incorrect.
There also appeared to be an issue with the $99 dollar reward starting amount, as it was deemed too high. We agree, but, the amount was set in order to pay for all of the project. We had already paid for all of the design work, 3D CAD Drawings and the 3D Printed Model of the protective cover case we want to have injection molded.
So, while the experience of the Kickstarter campaign has been in a way, heart crushing, it has at the same time been thought provoking and is now the driving motivation to take a different route to the public with The BladeKeeper®.
It is my belief, that when you have a new product that does what it promises to do, it’s more of a matter of persistence, time, and using multiple approaches to accomplish the goal. As we said in the old days back when, time to re-group and go again. You don’t lose if you don’t quit.
We are now considering purchasing plastic boxes off of the shelf, so to speak, as an interim step, before doing the 3 injection molds we were doing the campaign for. This will allow us to get more BladeKeepers® out to the public, and start to establish a following for The BladeKeeper®.
So, again Thanks Kickstarter, you gave us a chance to win and that’s all we asked. We just didn’t have all our ducks in a row, and realized it too late. Live and learn…or don’t.


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