The Challenge Of Measuring Nuance Energies

Article – The Challenge Of Measuring Nuance Energies
An ongoing challenge of more than 40 years for this Inventor is to demonstrate Earths Natural Energy at work. The Natural Energy collected, amplified and directed to the metal in a razor cartridge by The BladeKeeper® is so subtle it is very difficult to measure it or show that it is even present.
If it was easy, everybody could do it. Well, it should be easy and lots of people should do it, use The BladeKeeper® that is. I have just spent most of my available “free time”, the last 5 days, testing and re-testing ways of demonstrating the Natural Energy The BladeKeeper® collects and while it is measurable, it’s very subtle.
My EMF meter did its part registering a fluctuating 0.1m Gauss back to 0.0, going back and forth erratically as expected when placed at the edge of the vertically spiraling energy field collected by The BladeKeeper®.
Also, a small piece of 4140 type steel was used to show tiny fluctuations in location, while suspended by thread in the proper location in the energy field. The next testing will be with a small piece of razor blade from one of my used razor cartridges that has 5 blades.
While the energy is much to weak to move the whole blade, The BladeKeeper® collects, amplifies and directs more than enough energy to move the molecules in the metal razor blades edge, in turn, sharpening the blade by lining up the molecules in a thin line and evening out the hills and valleys of the blade edge created by shaving.
Steel has a defined crystalline like structure when reviewed in metallurgy, and The BladeKeeper® works to repair this broken structure at the edge of the blade that is produced with each shave.
The BladeKeeper® is a tool that works very well to keep razor blades sharp, but you won’t believe that until you have used a BladeKeeper® for a few months and then, like 9 out of 10 in our 6 yr. Test Group, you too will rate The BladeKeeper® 5 Stars.
The BladeKeeper® holds 2 razors and will pay for itself over and over again. Quality built to last more than a life time, pass it on.

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