First Time To The Public The BladeKeeper®

Article – First Time To The Public   The BladeKeeper®
The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™
Razor blades last at least 4 times longer & you don’t do anything!
More than 6 years testing – Rated Five Stars – Patent Pending – Made In USA
Easy to use, just place your razor on The BladeKeeper® between shaves and it keeps your blade sharp for you.
If you shave, this is your invitation to start saving money every month for as long as you live. The BladeKeeper® holds (2) razors, so twice the savings.
Reports of using (1) razor cartridge for the entire year were reported by our test group. That’s a lot of money saved and less trash in the landfill.
The BladeKeeper® is a precision made tool, handmade in the USA. Our high Quality Standards allow us to say, “The BladeKeeper® is quality built to last more than a life time, put it your will and pass it on.”
The BladeKeeper® uses Natural Energy to keep your blade sharp. It does not need to be plugged in and does not require batteries, so it works for free!
The BladeKeeper® never needs maintenance and never quits working to keep your razor blade sharp.
The BladeKeeper® works on all types of razors including razor cartridges, DE blades and even works on throw away disposable razors. Not Recommended For Electric Razors.
Please help us bring The BladeKeeper® to market by supporting our Kickstarter campaign and get your own BladeKeeper® as a reward.
The purpose of our campaign is to raise funding for 3 expensive Plastic Injection Molds to make the Acrylic Plastic Cover Box to protect The BladeKeeper®. We now make these parts by hand which are time consuming to make and are cost prohibitive for commercial production.
Please join our Kickstarter campaign on the 11th of September, 2018 and Please Tell A Friend.  Thank You!
The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™
The BladeKeeper® is hand made by the artists at Creations Of Energy™ and is Serial Numbered for Quality Assurance.
Creations Of Energy™ – “Using Natural Energy In Creative Ways Since 2011”


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