Diablo Saw Blades Cut Like …Well You Know Who


This is the brand I use when building things and this is another one of those products that I like everything about it, but the name. Was the same thing with my favorite chocolate cake, Devil’s Food. A bit like the saying, a rose by any other name, well it’s not the name I would choose, but it is what it is.

When it came time to get that big 96 tooth blade for the 12” Miter Saw, to get a smooth  edge on ¼” thick acrylic sheets, this is what we picked, and it did the job very well. And then we found the Diablo 100 tooth blade and it left even smoother edges. For many years now, we have been making the Protective Cover Box for The BladeKeeper®, for the folk’s in our Test Group. Lots of sawing and solvent welding of Boxes and our Diablo blade is still cutting smooth edges.

I read where Freud’s proprietary carbide formula reduces wear and they say helps the blade to last up to 4 times longer than a standard carbide blade. Reminded me of Maestro The Magician Extraordinaire, making razor blades last 4 times longer with his magic wand. Of course, even he was out done by The BladeKeeper® for keeping blades sharp, because The BladeKeeper® promises razor blades last at least 4 times longer, and you don’t do anything. And most of the Test Group said blades last “way longer than 4 times.”

Anyway, this saw blades cuts acrylic plastic and still stays sharp. Just what we needed for the job. When I did some research on Diablo saw blades, I discovered Freud Tools, the company that makes the Diablo is owned by the Bosch company, which also owns Dremel, another tool name that gets the job done and stands for quality.

As part of gearing up to produce the rewards for our Kickstarter Project/The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades sharp!™, launching the 11th of September,  we have need of another large work table. This time we will use our 10” compound miter saw with a Diablo blade to cut up the 2 x 4’s for the table and as always it will leave clean smooth edges.

Quality tools make a difference and if you need a saw blade that cuts like the Dev…, well, you know who, then try a Diablo blade from Freud and see for yourself.


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