Sea Foam Is An Old Product That Still Works Well


Same Product For 76 Years

Sea Foam Is An Old Product That Still Works Well

Sea Foam Motor Treatment trusted by mechanics since 1942 and blended and distributed by Sea Foam Sales Co. Eden Prairie, MN. That’s what it says on the can. Let’s see, from 1942 till 2018, that’s 76 years on the market. Some folk’s I have visited with over the years say, “all additives” are just gimmicks, and a waste of your money.

Well, 76 years is a long time to make the same gimmick work. Also, many years ago when I started using Sea  Foam for the first time, you had to hunt for the product. Some auto parts stores carried it and it seemed a little pricey for 16 oz. of something, but we paid it and sure enough it helped with engine idle smoothness and restored some power. I added some more a couple of tanks full of gas later and it helped some more. I was pleased with the money spent. Been using the product ever since.

I only found out about Sea Foam because a mechanic I trusted said he had used it for years and it was worth the price. He was right.

Today, Sea Foam is available at the big discount store and the price is less. They don’t carry items at the big discount store unless they pay for their shelf space continually, week after week. And that tells me, lots of people have learned about the advantage of using Sea Foam.

While my truck has a good sized V-8 motor, I have a feeling, that many folks driving cars with 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder motors have discovered Sea Foam restores some of the get up go their cars had when they first got them. It will do that most times from what I can tell. May take adding it to the gas a few times, but, usually people notice the power difference and they like it.

In doing some research for this article, I found many comments about the way the gasoline today with Ethanol added, seemed to collect condensation water in the gas tank. If this is true, then adding Sea Foam will take care of this problem. Also, can be used to treat gasoline for storage to keep fresh for up to two years, according to company info.

I also watched some videos of people using Sea Foam to quiet noisy lifters and with more than 235,000 miles on my daily drive truck, may give this a try right before oil change sometime in the future. Also, their motor top end cleaning product, Sea Foam Spray, is on my “try it” list for the future. Be sure and follow product directions closely if you use these two products.

So, with 76 years of Sea Foam on the market and the volume of sales appearing to be growing by the year, it looks to me like, unless you drive an all-electric car, this product might be something that will make an older car or truck run better.  And they don’t have to be all that old, to notice a difference. Sure glad I found this product years ago.


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