Thanks For Opening The Door


Thank You to the folks at Kickstarter for giving our creativity an opportunity to flourish!

Happy! Happy!  We can officially announce The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp! ™ Project will launch on Kickstarter  September 11th, 2018.

This money saving tool will soon be available in large quantities, because of this Kickstarter project. Thanks Kickstarter & Project Supporters.

The acceptance of our project, The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp!™ by the folks at Kickstarter felt to us, like the big green door, in the Emerald City, had just been opened and a new land of opportunity lay in front of us, glittering with chances of success and glowing with golden rays of hope.

As we wanted and expected, the folks at Kickstarter took their time to properly check us out and verify all the information we had provided, from bank account numbers, to our Patent Pending number. We were so pleased to meet all their requirements and be accepted. This was a very important step in bring The BladeKeeper® to market, after spending many years and many thousands of dollars, getting to this point.

We at Creations Of Energy™ will now direct our efforts to promoting The BladeKeeper® to people in at least, 5 countries.  MichaelThought Magazine is the Inventor’s website, and it will be one source promoting the Kickstarter project.

We are on Facebook at MichaelThought Magazine@OldCowBoyWriter. He has been our “voluntary Spokesperson” in our videos, so far. Many other avenues of marketing will be utilized to promote the Kickstarter project, with Old CowBoy Writer™ having promoted The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp!™, on Facebook to more than 10,000 people starting last November 2017. He has promised to do some more videos. Thanks OCW.

A new video has been in development for some time now featuring Maestro, The Magician Extraordinaire, with his magic act to make razor blades last 4 times longer. He is upstaged by the Inventor with his BladeKeeper® that uses science to keep razor blades sharp “at least” 4 times longer. Now Maestro wants a BladeKeeper® of his own because it is easier than magic. Happy ending for all. Stay tuned, more to come.

The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp! ™                                                                                  By Creations Of Energy™                                                                                                                “Using natural energy in creative ways”                                                                                         Since 2011 Pace FL USA

Patent Pending   Hand Made In USA                                                                                                 Each BladeKeeper® is Serial Numbered for Quality Assurance

The BladeKeeper®...keeps blades sharp! ™

The BladeKeeper® Razor blades last at least 4 times longer and you don’t do anything

Kickstarter Launch September 11, 2018 The BladeKeeper® …keeps blades sharp! ™

Companies Helped The BladeKeeper®

The BladeKeeper® Says Thank You For Your Help


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