Happy Dragon And The Biggest Hot Tub In Florida – Maybe


Article – Happy Dragon And The Biggest Hot Tub In Florida – Maybe

Happy Dragon, that’s the name of one of my inventions from the start of this 21st century, that, since it’s pool season, has come out to play again this year.

So, what exactly is Happy Dragon? Well, it’s a “Portable Propane Pool Heater/Cooler”, that’s still in development, even after all these years, which is fine, because, each pool season Happy Dragon gets better at doing her job of heating my custom pool and we learn more about the cooling design side of this piece of equipment.

You might ask, so what so special about your pool heater/cooler. Well, from a pool heater stand point, it’s very fast and it’s affordable, compared to other methods. Here is an example, Happy Dragon uses a propane bottle from the barbecue grill, which costs about $18 to fill up, and which will run Happy Dragon for about 7 hours at 75% Throttle on the burners.

Let’s talk about results for this design. My Happy Dragon pool heater has a through put of 5 gallons of pool water in 60 seconds, with starting pool water at 72 degrees Fahrenheit and heater output at 97 degrees F. That’s a 25 degree increase in water temperature going back into my pool at rate of 5 gallons a minute.

My custom “Pool For Two” is 6 Ft. deep and 12 Ft. across and as measured by our water meter holds 3,600 gallons when full of water and has plenty of room for two people to enjoy the pool, unless of course you want to swim laps. When you use a solar cover it keeps the heat in and because of the size of this custom “Pool For Two” design, the water and chemical usage through the pool season is very small compared to the usual back yard pool.

So, what about the “biggest hot tub in Florida” thing? Well, it was the fall of 2006, and several upgrades had been made to Happy Dragon and she was running extra well now, so, we need a test run, just to see what she could do. I had constructed a make shift pool room because Fall air temperature was not conducive swimming.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we let Happy Dragon take the pool up to 104 deg. F. Over the following New Years’ holiday period we let her run again and this time we had a real big hot tub at 107 deg. F. At 3,600 gallons and 6 Ft. deep we believe this was Florida’s biggest hot tub at that time.

Over the years I have continued to try and improve Happy Dragon and this seasons upgrade made a big difference. The “hot tub” tests were conducted when Happy Dragon had 55,000 BTU burner. This year she got a new burner system pumping out 135,000 BTU, so you could say, “she’s really cooking this year!”, ha – ha.

The “cooling” side of Happy Dragon has not been tested yet, because it has not been needed, but, the design has been tested and like the heater side is very efficient and uses the same propane bottle as the heater side. I designed the “cooler” side of Happy Dragon because, a family friend had commented that he didn’t need a pool heater he had one of those that ran natural gas, what he needed was an economical “pool cooler” in July and August, because the water got too warm. He said he would like to invest in the invention, if it would be economical and fast.

Well, Happy Dragon may or may not ever make it to the public, as this would require money investment beyond the 10 thousand plus spent already over the years developing Happy Dragon. Under Writer Laboratories testing for example is very expensive and takes a lot of time and would be required, and even though she is safe to operate, she would need more safety backup systems, before I would be comfortable letting the public use Happy Dragon.

Happy Dragon is among several of my inventions that work very well, but most of our time and money the last 7 years has been spent developing The BladeKeeper®, which some of you are familiar with, and which is ready for the “light of day” and is in the process of being brought to the public.

The BladeKeeper® is my most popular invention so far, because it works so well and saves people so much money. If this project produces the results expected, there may be time and money to bring Happy Dragon, or maybe my invention “Happy Chicken Waterer”, or my Automatic Garden invention, to market. We have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Happy Dragon will let me get in my custom pool from May through September, without taking my breath away, when you first get in, from too cold water. When you say, “come on in, the waters fine”, with “Happy Dragon” you can mean it.


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