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Michael Lee Morrissey 8-5-17

 The latest information on The BladeKeeper®…keeps blades Sharp!

On June 11th, 2018 our Kickstarter project, to bring The BladeKeeper to market,                 was submitted for review. Those who have been following The BladeKeeper® on Facebook at MichaelThought Magazine @OldCowBoyWriter and his videos about The BladeKeeper®, we are getting closer to making The BladeKeeper® available to the public in 6 countries. Thanks for your support.

Original Article Published Aug 5, 2017

You actually built the Best Mouse Trap Ever and after 5 years of product testing, 9 out of 10 testers say it works Great! and would recommend to friends … now what??? You are just a workingman with a better idea. To produce this New Great Mouse Trap and get to out to people is something few Mom & Pop Companies can do, for a hundred and one reasons. Is there no Real Hope of actually getting this New Great Tool out to the masses? It would be so good for the people and the planet and the Mom & Pop company … the whole thing would be just a real good deal for most everybody.

The Inventor of The Best Mouse Trap Ever is a dedicated guy and he keeps looking the situation over and low and behold he and the Mrs. find Real Hope on the web today for a Mom & Pop Company.

Enter Three Supper Heroes with Capes …from Brooklyn, New York …AKA   Kickstarter. A place of Real Hope for Real People in America and around The World for many years now. They know what they’re doing pretty well and have made dreams come true for many people on Planet Earth today. Please keep up the excellent work for Mankind. Creativity deserves as many outlets as possible.

So now, The Dedicated Inventor and The Mrs. are studying and building our campaign to get ready to submit our project for approval and will then go live on this Supper Site Of The 21st Century  – Kickstarter. This is the peoples’ chance to get a tool they probably will never get other wise, because of Start Up Costs today in product manufacturing.

So, from The Mrs. and I, and I’m sure, from thousands and thousands of other folks on Planet Earth, We Wanted To Say Thanks!!! to the 3 guys with The Heroes Capes on … from Brooklyn, for starting the whole thing and “Doing What You Did”, because it made The World a better place in the process. You created Hope.

              The BladeKeeper® … keeps blades sharp!™

“Razor Blades Last 4 Times Longer – Guaranteed “

Made In USA    By Creations Of Energy™  “Using Natural Energy In Creative Ways”
Since 2011   Pace FL 32571
The BladeKeeper® … keeps blades sharp!™   Patent Pending



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