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Article – Aspercreme, Oh That Feels Better

Aspercreme, pain relief that works, that nobody knows you have on. That’s nice, and it doesn’t take long to start relieving a pain full area on your body. Didn’t know about this product until a couple of years ago, when the Mrs. injured her psionic nerve clear down her left leg. She was trying different brands for some pain relief from her injury, when she found this one. She commented on the no oder part of the ointment and said it worked good.

Sure glad she found this product, as it was just what I needed recently for a sore right elbow. Inside of elbow was very sore after doing some outside projects over the week end. Thought I had just banged the inside of the elbow hard on something, during the projects.

Like many folks, when you experience minor pain or injury during a project, unless there is blood loss bigger than band aids or serious damage to the body, you just keep going and finish the project. Small cuts and bruises can be dealt with after the project.

Well, I waited for the black and blue color to show up on the inside of the elbow, but it didn’t. After 4 or 5 days of pain, especially when you move your arm a certain way, I finally figured out, that I had not banged the elbow, but had strained a muscle or something and that’s when I tried the Aspercreme on the elbow. Wow, that felt better in a short time. Go Aspercreme!

After reviewing the situation, I realized how I received the injury. This is the part where a 60 something old timer, acts like the 40 something he was years ago. During one of the projects, using only my right arm, I had just grabbed hold of an old bag of concrete mix that had accidentally set up in the bag, and just rolled it over in position to hold something in place. It only weighed 80 lbs. and while being a strain on my one arm, the bag got moved to the position needed. Apparently, this was a bit much for an old timer, as I had to pay with mild pain for many more days.

The Aspercreme has made a big difference during the healing process. So, if you’re an old timer and you happen to occasionally act much younger than your age during a project, give this product a try, if you’re not familiar with it.

Aspercreme is a topical analgesic for temporary relief of muscle strains and sprains, arthritis and simple backaches.

Article Follow Up

With my right elbow feeling better each day, I got to thinking about that concrete mix bag that had gotten hard by accident, and wondered why I had gotten big heavy bags at the store. Then I looked up the price on concrete mix at the store we had shopped at, and sure enough, there was the reason for the 80 lb. bags. Price, of course, was the reason.

A 50 lb. bag with tax is about $3.50, which is 7 cents a pound, and it’s only about $4.80 for 80 lbs. That’s 6 cents a pound, so there’s your reason for the big bags. For only another buck thirty, you get 30 more pounds of mix. So, it’s a simple choice, if you do the math, ha – ha.

After the elbow experience, I’m going for the 50 lb. bags next time. A penny a pound savings, comes nowhere even close, to paying for days and days of pain in my elbow. But, I’ve decided I was given a “Life Lesson” with this little sore elbow experience. It may cost less, but, is it worth it.

Doing things the way “we always did”, is a comfortable trail to follow, but, as things & the world change, we need to back off briefly and see if possibly we need to make some changes to in the way we do things. Things we’ve done for decades, but, as is evidenced by the elbow incident, we and the world around us change, and we may need to do a little changing on our methods and means of getting things done.

80 lb bag with just one arm – bad idea


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