Watermelons Can Be Wonderful, Sure They Can


Watermelons Can Be Wonderful, Sure They Can

That’s right, watermelon on the first weekend in May. Early, you bet, but, you’ve had a desire for watermelon, for several weeks now. Sure it’s Spring time, but, sure enough, the Mrs. found me a melon to try, the weekend before. It said product of USA, so we gave it a try. We forced ourselves to eat most of a big piece and decided we didn’t need to eat anymore. Not good, … is not good, anyway you paint the picture. The aroma and taste of spoiled dish rag, was the description I gave the Mrs.

Happy, happy, the Mrs. found another one to try, this weekend. A seedless watermelon grown in Ft. Pierce Florida by Healthy Harvest and it was a #4032, whatever that means. Not a great big water melon for sure, but it had that yellow area on the bottom we look for, so there was hope, to go along with the anticipation of possibly enjoying a decent tasting watermelon, way early in the year.

Well, the Mrs. sliced that melon in half, length wise and then halved those pieces length wise, plated  a piece for each of us. With my trusty salt shaker nearby, I tried a piece, raw, no salt, just the natural flavor of the watermelon by itself. Hmmm, well, another bite, and yes it starts to have the special taste and flavor your looking for in a great watermelon. Texture is nice and the Mrs. comments, this would be really good in a fruit salad, I have to agree. But, that taste, adding some salt across the melon piece now, it’s trying hard to have that little bit of sweetness I look for in great melon. As I said, it’s trying hard, but, didn’t get there. With the salt added, I gave it a grade of B+ and commented that for this early in the season, this melon was fine. Beats having none, or that sour dish rag one.

The next day, had to try another piece of that seedless melon for a late afternoon snack. Told the Mrs., I believed the flavor improved a little bit in the fridge overnight, and that was a pleasant surprise. Also, overnight, there was another pleasant experience, that of keeping the old system moving. Not sure what it is about watermelon, the fiber, the water, the I Don’t Know, but I like it, feeling, when the system is moving properly. Thanks watermelon, I needed that, ha – ha, anyway, looking forward to another of these Healthy Harvest seedless water melons #4032. Let me see, that adds up to 9, and that’s ‘bout where I’d rate these melons, with a 7 for flavor and 2 more points for bring it to market in late April, here in Florida anyway, ‘cause it’s very hard to find a good, let alone great watermelon, before Memorial Day.

Now, wishing they could sweeten up that soil a little bit more, or something, to get that melon just a little bit sweeter. Still the best watermelon I’ve had so far this time of year. Very nice! Thanks, La Belle farm, Healthy Harvest Farms.

Up Date 5-19-2018

Got to try another seedless watermelon this last week and they keep getting better as we go. This one was by Melon1, a premium melon from Florida. Have to say this one was just a little bit sweeter, than the last. Texture was good.

Now the Mrs. says, the longer  melons that have seeds, are in at the stores, so you know what’s next. That’s right, more taste testing. Yep, taste testing ‘till the melons all gone and it’s time for the next one.

Wondering if it’s too early for a Charleston Grey watermelon, that would be nice. And of course we have the summer time Black Diamond watermelon to look forward to, always a favorite of mine. Enjoy 2018 more, with more watermelon. Yea, that’s the idea. Enjoy!


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