Beautiful Contrast White On Green – Magnolia


Beautiful Contrast White On Green

Waited and watched for five days, for this beautiful Magnolia flower to open and when she did, I got to the top of an eight foot tall step ladder to get these shots. So Pretty! and so short lived. Forty Eight hours after these two pictures were taken, the beautiful blossom was gone, having done its’ job in a magnificent manner.

I had gathered a few seeds from a pod that had fallen to the ground under a pretty Magnolia tree, that was Spring of 1990, planted the seeds and two years later, planted one of the baby trees in my back yard. Now 26 years later, she is still returning the favor of giving her life in the soil, by producing beautiful large white blossoms each Spring.

I still remember the Mrs. saying, that’s a little close to that Oak tree, to plant that Magnolia. She was right, as usual, but, that’s where I wanted that tree. Easy to see right out the Kitchen window. She will be a pretty tree in a few years. Well, the hurricanes started showing up routinely in our area of North West Florida in mid ‘90’s, and the trees on our property started taking a beating. The little Magnolia tree stood tough against the storms, but, the old Oaks were being blown down, a few more with each storm. Then Ivan came in September 2004, and as the name implies, it was Ivan The Terrible, that took down the big Oak I had planted the little Magnolia by.

So, for the last 13 years, the Magnolia has had plenty of sunlight and just grew and grew. Now, she looks stately and is showing off her pretty blossoms in the Spring. While another storm season begins June 1st, she and we will just take it as it comes, ‘cause this is where we call home, storms and all. All the beauty of the flowers of Spring, on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

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