Foodies At The Race Track, Sure, Why Not


Foodies At The Race Track, Sure, Why Not

Oh my, a NASCAR race just turned into a foodie event…hadn’t crossed my mind at all, after considering the to and from expenses, race tickets expenses, and who knows what all, expenses, if you actually went to a race instead of just watching it on TV. Please note some of the offerings below, that you can eat at the track, besides just watching dare devils risk their lives for hour after hour. Might be a case of this spectator running low on adrenalin, from so much excite, if you were actually at the race, instead of comfortably reclined in your easy chair.

The following is from Dover International Raceway’s site  inviting race fans to enjoy the food treats. Makes me hungry, just reading…oh my, must be time for a snack while writing this article.

Combining a traditional concession stand staple with a Delmarva Peninsula foodie favorite, Dover’s Delmarva Dog is just one of the many great food offerings NASCAR fans can expect when they visit the track for our May 4-6 tripleheader weekend.

The Delmarva Dog includes a juicy hot dog served in a split top bun, topped with fire roasted corn, cheese sauce and (in a special Delmarva twist) crab meat. Served with tasty Old Bay potato chips, each Delmarva Dog order will cost $10.

Dover’s Delmarva Dog will be found in the following areas around the Monster Mile during the May 4-6 tripleheader weekend:

  •  Main concessions area in Victory Plaza
  •  North Grandstand near Gate 15
  •  South Grandstand near Gate 4

In addition, some popular food trucks and concession stands from throughout the mid-Atlantic region will be offering tasty treats around the grounds. The businesses involved include:

  • Smoke, Rattle & Roll Food Truck, The Hangout, May 5-6 only: Offers tacos, nachos, mac and cheese and BBQ sandwiches with topping options of chicken, pork or brisket.
  • Sherri’s Crab Cakes, Across from Gate 2: More than 1 million crab cakes sold, made with lump and jumbo lump crab meat along with special spices.
  • One Big Party BBQ, Across from Gate 2: Offers pulled pork sandwiches, beef brisket, smoked sausage, chicken legs, BBQ beans, coleslaw.
  • H&H Concessions, Near Gate 3: Offers chicken pitas, lamb pitas, funnel cakes, ices.
  • Buntings Popcorn, Near Gate 3: Offers kettle corn, movie popcorn, pretzel dogs and cotton candy.

Dover International Speedway concession stands will also feature new and traditional dishes, perfect treats for the built-in breaks that come with NASCAR’s stage racing format.

The food selections include:

  • Loaded Mac & Cheese, Outside Gates 2 & 3: Smoked BBQ pulled pork served over creamy mac and cheese.
  • Loaded Fries, Outside Gates 2 & 3: French fries topped with BBQ pulled pork, jalapeno cheese and crispy bacon.
  • Loaded Nachos, Outside Gates 2 & 3: Tortilla chips topped with seasoned beef, jalapeno cheese, lettuce, salsa, sliced jalapenos and sour cream.
  • The Walking Taco, Outside Gates 2 & 3: Seasoned ground beef, choice of Doritos or Fritos, cheese sauce, lettuce, salsa, sour cream, sliced jalapenos.

“We will always maintain our traditional food menu, but we are constantly exploring innovative choices for our fans to enjoy during their visit to the Monster Mile,” said Mike Tatoian, president and CEO of Dover International Speedway. “Everyone should bring their appetite May 4-6 and be ready to try all of these tasty treats!”

So, for now anyway, I’ll just have an occasional thought about the delicious treats these folks at the track will have an opportunity to enjoy if they want to and if they brought plenty of money for treats. Maybe I’ll make it a point to have a “special snack” on hand to enjoy the races this weekend at the Monster Mile in Dover Delaware from my easy chair. Sounds like a plan anyway. Race on NASCAR! Oh, and bring on the tasty treats too ☺!

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