Right Down That Hole Like It Had Eyes


Right Down That Hole Like It Had Eyes

It’s one of my favorite “perfect little tools” and it lives in my front desk drawer, not in the tool box. And when it took that dive from my lap, falling straight as an arrow with eyes for that open 1 ½” PVC pipe, that went down in the ground 16 inches or more to an elbow fitting, I just sat there, mumbling mild profanity’s and having a feeling of disbelief and disgust!

How did that tool find its way down that little hole, so straight and so quick? The tool is my Stanley Folding Razor Knife 10-049 and at over 1 inch wide and 5 inches long, it just had to have eyes to find that little opening! And since the opening in the plumbing it found was part of the underground piping for our pool, there was just no leaving it in there. It had to come out, somehow. It would restrict water flow and probably rattle and make noise every time the pump ran.

When you’re the type of person that would rather wire electrical wiring any day of the week, instead of doing plumbing, this was putting a big delay in getting done doing something you didn’t like to do in the first place. But, this was an up-grade to the pool system and it needed to be done. So, first you try the magnet on a rod tool and you fish and fish, but nothing comes up. So next you try fishing with bent and curled wire, nothing comes up. Now you’re starting to wonder if you’re going to have to dig a big hole in the ground and cut into the pipe area where the tool is. Plumbing … I hate plumbing!

It’s about this time, when The Mrs comes back from shopping and asks how’s it going. It’s usually true, two heads are better than one. When I mentioned I could sure use one of the part retrieval tools, that has the spreading and then grabbing claws that close up with the pull of a knob on the end of the tool. Might be just the ticket for this job.

Well, as it is most times, my better half of more than 35 years was able to help and said she had seen one of those tools recently at our favorite hardware store. Hall’s Hardware, Milton, FL. That is the store we say, “Hall’s has it all”, and they usually do, most anything your hunting for. The Mrs to the rescue, in a while we had the tool and sure enough, after a few minutes of fishing, one of my favorite tools was back in my hand again. Big relief, to not have to go digging with a shovel and cutting up more pipe to get it back.

For sure, the next time I bring one of my “special tools” to the work site, I plan on keeping it in a safer place and oh yea, cover up any and all open holes the tool could “jump in”.

Happy plumbing everyone … if there is such a thing … Ha- Ha.

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