The Mrs Delivered It To The Oven And We’re Glad


 The Mrs Delivered It To The Oven And We’re Glad She Did!

You have been around awhile, if you can remember making the Pizza Kits back in the ‘60’s.  Pizza Kits were made in a lot of kitchens in America, back then, and they are still sold today. You had to add the toppings you wanted, and that usually meant a limited variety of toppings, but, just the same, they were a special treat back then. No, back in the early ‘60’s there wasn’t a pizza place everywhere you went.

In fact, I remember a special outing for our family in the early ‘60’s, while visiting relatives in Wichita,  my Uncle Jerry took some of us kids with him to the Pizza shop. He had known the founders of Pizza Hut, the Carney brothers Dan & Frank, while at collage at WSU and wanted the family to have a special treat. Boy was it! Hot, thick, gooey and yummy! What a difference from the box kits of the time. Of course over the next few decades, Pizza Hut opened stores across America, Canada and around the world, but Wichita was the first.

Looking back over the last 50 year plus, of eating many styles pizza, in many places and I don’t have a single memory of eating a piece of pizza and saying “this tastes terrible. There were times when you did make the comment, well, this is different, but it didn’t mean it was bad, just different flavors and textures. Kind of like that Ham & Pineapple Pizza I had with some friends recently. Different, that’s the word.

Remembering the very thin, “Original Italian Style Pizza” with Chianti Wine, we enjoyed with friends a few times in Bitburg, Germany. The straw wrapped bottle was cool and the pizza, well, the word different comes to mind again.

There was the “Seafood Pizza” at a favorite watering hole in Northern Maine. That’s right, cover that yummy gooey cheese with fresh Scallops and Clams. I suggested that they top the pizza off with a local delicacy, Fiddlehead Ferns. That would be a pizza you wouldn’t find just anywhere.

There was the “BBQ Beef Pizza”, that word “different” comes to mind again. Same thing with homemade “Shrimp Pizza”, just different. I have to put in a good word for one my favorite pizza’s though, Chicago Deep Dish, like back in the ‘80’s with GodFather Pizza. Always happy to have a doggy bag, when you order the extra-large there.

Yes, there are lots and lots of different pizza’s these days and that sure is a far cry from the early ‘60’s and the boxed pizza kits. These days, when it comes to pizza time at our house, it’s “Delivered”, to our oven by the Mrs. and it’s DiGiorno Supreme. The flavor is above average and the price, well, for what you get, the price is very cheap. Usually for less than 10 bucks at the big discount store. With a homemade salad, you’ve got good meal at a great price.

I think I’ll end this stroll down “pizza memory lane” time with the statement. Good Times And Good Pizza, They Go Very Well Together! Enjoy!


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