Wind Storm On The Video Set


Wind Storm On The Video Set

The rehearsal was done, the Green Screen Test & Editing Studio Test had been a success, now it’s time for makeup and costumes and a “First Take” video for Maestro’s Magic Show.

That’s when the wind picked up and one of the large studio lights slammed to the ground. And while all of the lighting stands had been secured properly, that gust of 25 or 30 mph was too much, and the lighting stand came down with a bang! An early evening video shoot had been scheduled, with winds forecast to be 10 to 15 mph and subsiding by 6pm. Didn’t happen as forecast. Wind picked up instead.

This experience was a learning moment, as it turns out the four broken 45 Watt CFL bulbs in that one light stand only cost about $5 each. On the set already was a matching light stand and a hair light stand. We were so glad we didn’t break more equipment. The Rhodes directional mic had not come on set yet, fortunately, because that one hitting the floor costs $150 plus.

Well, the video shoot was canceled and it was decided to finish the New Studio before trying the Magic Show again. The Mrs And I Productions had already produced seven videos, while shooting videos out of doors. The Old CowBoy Writer™ videos for MichaelThought Magazine™ had gone well and had received over 12,000 views on Facebook from Nov. 2017 through Jan 2018. But, now for the Magic Show, we needed to go indoors for the sake of the equipment, as well as allowing for more convenient time scheduling for video shoots.

It is hoped to be shooting videos in the New Studio by the end of April. Two more new lighting stands are also to be purchased for the studio. Because of the importance of Maestro’s Magic Show video for our Kickstarter campaign for The BladeKeeper®, we are taking the time to do a better job. The New Studio will help.

The New Studio is designed to allow for a 10 Ft. high Green Screen and an 8 Ft. wide video shooting area. With the increase in lighting, using the new umbrella lights, it should provide a good video set. Soon, it will be Lights, Camera, Action!

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