Happy 2nd Birthday MichaelThought Magazine™


Article – Happy 2nd Birthday MichaelThought Magazine™

Happy 2nd Birthday MichaelThought Magazine™ and may you have many more! Taking time to look back over the last 2 years since going live with this site. Got what I wanted…and lots more I didn’t even know about. Yes, I would do it all over again! The experience has been worth the time and money invested and while having used and eventually worked on and built computers for more than 35 years, the world of on line writing, publishing and maintaining a web site as webmaster is definitely a world of its own.

It all started with satisfying an itch. An itch to “do a little writing before he goes.” This old timer wanted to write again. Having enjoyed writing and advanced writing classes in high school, and being an avid reader, it was time to do a little writing myself. So, the study of “how to do it”, began several years ago, like more than 5 years ago now and “the study”, I found out, is ongoing, like forever, as best I can tell at this point in the project. Still, not a complaint.

Seems and feels like more than 2 and half years ago, after having selected WordPress dot org as my tool of choice and picking out a premium theme, SmartMag, to help make up for my lack of coding experience and then setting up a WAMP Server on one my computers to get some hands on experience for a while before uploading my new site to our online host at Pair Networks. Looking back, it felt like we had come so far at that point, and that we were starting to get on top of our game some. Oh, the things we don’t know, that we don’t know, we don’t know, at the time!

So much more learning and studying was still ahead. While WordPress does make it relatively easy to write and publish articles with pictures, the world of WordPress comes with plugins. Oh Ya, plugins. Thousands and thousands of plugins. For a novice Webmaster, the feeling was a little like tricking out your truck or boat or motorcycle or whatever, you fill in the blank. Like accessories for your website! How cool!

Lots and lots of free plugins that do cool things for you site, but I found some plugins have premium aka pay for versions and upgrades and these like all of my favorite hobbies allow you to spend more money from time to time than you planned on. You do it anyway. It’s a fun hobby, right? You gotta pay to play most times, it seems. This would be a good time to say again, yes, I’d do it all again. Truly unique experience this world of writing and publishing. I’m glad I got a chance to try it.

This would be the “perfect time” to compliment my latest premium plugin, WP Fastest Cache Premium. When you “trick out your truck”, so to speak, with plugins the load time for your website slows down. That’s not a good thing on the internet. This plugin put a big smile on this Webmaster’s face and the word “Wow!” came out. Soo Coool! It’s fast again! Yea! While I have really enjoyed the usefulness of many plugins over the last two years, like Revolution Slider, Really Simple SSL, and the list goes on, WP Fastest Cache was kind of like putting a new bigger motor under the hood. It’s just better!

So, as MichaelThought Magazine turns 2 years old on March 5th, 2018 it is with curiosity, some excitement, and a willingness to continue spend time and money on this website, that we proceed ahead. As a source of information on The BladeKeeper’s® Path To The People the Magazine has been great. The video production side of MichaelThought Magazine has been an interesting and expensive side of the project, but, has come a long way already having produced 3 Old CowBoy Writer™ videos and two more video productions are in process at this time. The new video Maestro The Magician Extraordinaire has been exciting to produce and he really does look debonair in that red lined cape and black top hat. Learning lines for that video was reminiscent of being in the plays in high school. A little nervousness is good for the performance they say…ha-ha.

Thank You to all who have visited MichaelThought Magazine over the last 2 years. Your time and your interest is appreciated. Now on to year 3,


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Michael Lee Morrissey is an, Inventor, Writer, Business Man and now online Magazine Publisher/Editor/Writer. He spends his day time in the field of Quality Management. His evenings and weekends are divided between family, inventing and testing, writing, reading and study. Hobbies include gardening, NASCAR, barbecuing, fishing, golf and others.

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