Part II The BladeKeeper’s® Path To The People


The BladeKeeper’s® Path To The People

Today on “The Path”, The BladeKeeper® is nearing it’s goal of reaching the people of Earth as the Launch Day On Kickstarter draws closer. The excitement level has gone up a notch or two lately and at this place on the project time marker of 7 years and 14 days, there is just the slightest hint of a feeling of wow! We have made it so far and while it’s been a hard trail to travel, it’s been so rewarding just getting to this place on “The Path!” And now the goal is in site!

If you are “Dedicated Inventor” and you have very talented helper like The Mrs., then you too, may be able to follow a dream of bringing a great tool to “The People”. You’re probably going to need the help of many other smart and talented people along the path. We found some of the best along our “Path To The People” and we would choose the same companies and people to help us if we do another project. Quality work by people that really do care, at companies that offer competitive pricing, has always been a premium and sought after resource. We were real lucky and blessed, we found some of the best to work with.

So, in a small effort to say “Thank You!”, to all the folks that have helped get us to this point on “The Path.”

First of all, Thanks to The Founders of Kickstarter and The Folks that funded them to start Kickstarter. Also, the Folks that keep Kickstarter running today! I wrote an Article on MichaelThought Magazine about Kickstarter called Home Of Heroes. I will be doing an update on this article.

Next on our “Thank YOU” list are the folks at Genesis TEK up there in Minnesota. Owner/Designer Timothy Bottger was so helpful with all the 3D CAD work and Owner/Designer Larry Gonier did an A+ job with the original 3D CAD drawing and his company, Solid Design, produced an excellent 3D Printed Model for final testing and review. These two have decades of experience in the world of Design and Manufacturing and CAD. The premium quality of their work really does show in the end product. What a pleasant experience working with these folks.

You have the required CAD drawings and 3D Printed Model, now you have to have a company to make a mold of the parts you need and you need a company to inject plastic and make the parts for production. Enter Proto Labs, a company that does both in house. How Nice! Must be time to Thank Our Acct. Rep. who has been so helpful on the project. Ingrid Leseak has represented her employer very well, every step of the path so far. Proto Labs is also in Minnesota and was one of the first in world to offer very competitive pricing of prototype molds. The company and its’ founder Larry Lukis will be covered in a future article on MichaelThought Magazine. He is another of those individuals who did a great service to mankind helping to make product manufacturing available to small companies. Founded in 1999.

Next on the “Thank YOU!” list would be our Patent Agent. After a short time of working with him, I call him “Genius”, but his real name is Brad Fach and he is the owner of Patentfile, at His guidance and expertise and patience with us has been perfect. And we didn’t pay for perfect! You get way more than your money’s worth when you hire Patentfile. Mr. Fach and Mr. Steven Kick have the kind of experience and expertise a small company can’t usually find, let alone afford. We got “real lucky” again. J I wrote an Article on MichaelThought Magazine about, titled – This Is Where You Go When It’s Patent Time.

Let’s say “Thanks A Lot”, to the folks at Pair Networks up there in Pennsylvania for being a “Top Notch Provider” all these years. Kevin Martin is the founder. When you can’t remember the last time you site was down … well, that’s dependability a business owner remembers. Another company that continues to grow and prosper. This one since 1996. Quality and dependability count for a lot. Pair Networks doesn’t disappoint, ever. World Class Web Hoisting for sure!  ☺

These are some of the key partners on The BladeKeeper’s® Path To The People. We couldn’t have come this far without your help! Thanks Again!

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