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Update – February 4 Th, 2018
Success has been accomplished on the improvements to the manufacturing design process and all parties involved did great work in a short time. “Thanks To Everyone Who Helped!” Special Thanks to Tim Bottger at Genesis TEK with the many changes to the 3D CAD Drawings for the molds. Such a patient and helpful man with the real world experience to get us quickly where we need to be with design changes, so that the  manufacturing processes were acceptable.
Also, Special Thanks to our Acct. Rep. Ingrid Leask at Proto Labs. Another talented and experienced business person that has been oh so helpful all along on the project. She has been so patient with us over the last year and a half helping get us to the point we are today and that is, “Ready to produce the product we need on site, with fast service and very competitive pricing. What more could you ask for? Nothing as far as our company Creations Of Energy™ is concerned. Great work! Thank You!


Concern with the “Quality Of The Finished Product” produced has resulted in the postponement of the launch date of The BladeKeeper®. The possibility of “sagging surfaces” on the “Cover Box” that protects The BladeKeeper’s® Antenna Apparatus.

 This concern has resulted in needed design changes in the 3D CAD Drawings and then resubmit these drawings to Manufacturing for review to assure the changes have eliminated possible quality issues.

 We apologize for the delay to those of you who have been following the release of The BladeKeeper® to the public.

 Michael Lee Morrissey


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