Happy 7th Birthday Creations Of Energy™ And The BladeKeeper®


 Happy 7th Birthday Creations Of Energy™ And The BladeKeeper®

Happy 7th Birthday Creations Of Energy™ Home of The BladeKeeper® since January 4th 2011. Congratulations COE you made it to “Seven Years Old” and that’s “A Big Deal” in the world of business and “Small Business Start Ups” here in the good ol’ USA. You’ve done really well so far, considering 8 out of 10 small business startups don’t make it to this important birthday in their life cycle. Also, eight out of ten business that make it this far succeed in the long term cycles. So, the odds our now in your favor, to make it all the way.
 Seven years, a short time in the life of a human, but a long time in the life of most family pets and in the life of a small business. From the day a small business owner pays for the first Business License to his local government entity for the new company to do business, until the day the Seventh Birthday is celebrated with balloons and a celebration dinner at a favorite restaurant, a severely underestimated amount of man hours has been invested. Also, a severely underestimated amount of money has been invested in the venture and a certain price is paid by the “Whole Human”, when you try to start a business.
 That cost is incurred as part of the whole process of investing blood, sweat and tears in the project. It’s part of the “concern” cost of the process. It comes along with the “wonder part” of starting and running a business. Wondering if you did the right thing and wondering if you did enough of it and wondering if you will be able to continue meeting all the operating expenses and added expenses of Trade Marks and Patients and … the list goes on month after month for a small business. If you’re a person of faith, this concern cannot be placed in the category of worry, or your faith is not strong enough. You believed you were doing the right thing when you started the venture and if it was right then, it’s probably still right now, so by faith you proceed ahead. Your concern is with timing and the amount of resources available. It’s worked out so far and you should celebrate having  made it to the Seventh Birthday!
 So, at the onset of the next 7 year cycle, Creations Of Energy™ will take The Bladekeeper® to the people, in the form of a Kickstarter Campaign Starting January 20, 2018. This step in the process is to secure funding for the cost of creating the mold for injection molding all the plastic parts of The BladeKeeper®. This cost is estimated at between 10 and 20 Thousand Dollars.
 The process of creating a 3D Cad Drawing for the injection mold is done and has been paid for. The process of 3D Printing the parts to enable any corrections to the 3D Cad Drawing that need to be made is also now done and this too has been paid for.
 After 7 years, The BladeKeeper®’s® Path To The People is getting closer to becoming complete. With the success of the Kickstarter Campaign and injection molding of some parts of The BladeKeeper®, quantities can be produced to allow for direct sales to the public, of The BladeKeeper®.
 So, Happy Birthday Creations Of Energy™! May your next Birthday celebrate having brought The BladeKeeper® to “Thousands Of People”, so they too can save money year after year! The Bladekeeper® never quits working! Life Time Guarantee!  Made In USA  Pace FL

Creations Of Energy™  –  “Using Natural Energy In Creative Ways Since 2011”


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