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Red Neck Christmas Tree 2017 OCW

Article – The Story Behind The “Little Tree” Light Show 2017

Well, see Old CowBoy Writer™ wanted a Christmas Tree in the backyard. Wanted to Entertain The Folks with a Light Show. Well, he ended up with a real big tree in the backyard, a 10 footer with 3800 mini lights. What a pretty tree that big ol’ Frazer Fir. But, he ended up with two trees ‘cause the first one was too small. Not enough room for all the strings of lights.

So, Old CW decided to put on a “Mini Light Show 2017”, using the “too small” 7ft tall Balsam Fir. It would be a “Specialized Tree” for this part of the project.A chance to do more “themed trees”. Some that you might not see too often.

Starting with a common old favorite multi-colored tree looks real pretty with those pastel colors. Very Nice.

Next he did the not so common “All Pink Tree”, to go with the “Blue Blue Tree” in the main 2017 Light Show. Pink is different and pretty.

Next, one of Old CW ‘s favorites to date, the “Fisherman’s Tree”, when your Christmas wish is for “More Time Fishing.”

And then, last and best for tree “not often seen” , the “Little Trees Tree”, for those that just can’t get enough of that good pine smell! Please note the tree is outside the house.

It looks like Old CowBoy Writer™ is really enjoying his Christmas Trees and after the exhaustion from decorating the trees passed, he has already mentioned a couple of “upgrades” he like to do next  Christmas, if he gets the opportunity to do a “Christmas Tree Light Show 2018” as a Spokesperson for The BladeKeeper® on MichaelThought Magazine.

The folks that have seen the show so far, have enjoyed the “Big Pretty Tree” and said it is a nice change from the LED Trees and the “computer controlled shows”. No computer controlled lights here and no photo shopping either.

Old CW says this was one of the biggest projects he’d been involved with in a long time and going up and down that 8 ft ladder so many times with decorations and lights was not in any exercise plan he had signed up for, but the results of all that effort produced a “Really Pretty Christmas Tree” when she’s all lite up! Which makes the thought of all trips up and down that same ladder taking down all that he had put up more bearable. Such a Pretty Tree!

Oh and the “Fisherman’s Tree”, now that one’s special. Real Special!

You Call That A Red Neck Christmas Tree One More Time And … I Will Agree With You


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