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MichaelThought Magazine’s latest video represents Old CowBoy Writer’s™ effort to get “Right To The Point”, on his campaign to bring The BladeKeeper® “To The People, ‘Cause They Deserve It!”

 Old CowBoy Writer – Show 2A 720 Boost 1

Old CowBoy Writer – Show 2A 720 Boost 1

This was the third video produced by The Mrs & I Productions™ for MichaelThought Magazine™. We have now accumulated over 45 hrs. of Studio Shooting, Editing and Production time. MichaelThought Magazine is burning the candle at both ends right now, just to get the show on the road, so to speak.

 This is also, the 3rd boosted promotion by the magazine on Facebook, with the first two videos achieving over 5k exposures and bringing more traffic to the MichaelThought . com and our Facebook campaigns are helping to hone our skills in the marketing world of today.

 While upgrades continue to our first studio, The “Temporary Patio Studio” and supplies continue to collect up for our next studio, (Enclosed shooting facility to allow for use of Green Screen and other studio techniques), we have started collecting supplies for yet another “Temporary Studio”, called “BarBeQue Area Studio.” Old CowBoy Writer™ really likes the smell of Oak & Cherry Wood burning along with the charcoal. I call it aroma therapy. Might try my hand sharing a BBQ Recipe or two with viewers.

 A new article and video is on schedule for December, called “Venting In A Safe & Fulfilling Way.” This is a video you won’t see every day and probably wouldn’t want to, even if you could.

 December is also when MichaelThought Magazine enters the world of Google Promotions and starts a YouTube Video Channel experience. I’m certain it will be interesting and educational.

 Stay tuned and see what’s next!

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Old CowBoy Writer™ is a "Created Spokesperson" for MichaelThought Magazine™ and is portrayed by Michael Lee Morrissey, Founder of MichaelThought Magazine™ .

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