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Howdy! This is Old CowBoy Writer™ for MichaelThought Magazine™ and we are happy to announce the magazine’s First Video! It has been posted on Facebook at MichaelThought Magazine and will be boosted upon approval of the video. This is a hot link to the page @OldCowBoyWriter on Facebook.

Old CowBoy Writer™ Oct 2017 New Temp Studio

Please Wish Us Good Luck on this “Historic Venture” of The BladeKeeper® and it’s “Path To The People” – ‘Cause They Deserve It!  Here is our new video

Old CowBoy Writer TBK Announcement mp4 11-4-2017 MLM

Attention People Of The Facebook World!
This Is Old CowBoy Writer™ Announcing
For The First Time Ever, The BladeKeeper® Is Going To Be Made Available To The Public And You Can Find Out When And Where Right Here On Facebook @OldCowBoyWriter And On MichaelThought Magazine.

The BladeKeeper® – Keeps Blades Sharp!™
Razor Blades Last At Least 4 Times Longer Than Normal.
Life Time Satisfaction Guaranteed

6 Years Of Testing And 9 out of 10 Said They Would
Highly Recommend The BladeKeeper® To Others.

This Is The Most Amazing Tool
You’ve Never Even Heard Of Until Now!

Old CowBoy Writer™ Uses The BladeKeeper®
And One Razor Cartridge Lasts All Year Long!
Coming Soon More Videos Staring
Old CowBoy Writer™
On MichaelThought Magazine™
At MichaelThought.com

Your Information Source For The BladeKeeper®
The BladeKeeper® – Keeps Blades Sharp!™ 

        Patent Pending   Made In USA

The BladeKeeper® is a Registered Trademark – Michael Lee Morrissey

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Old CowBoy Writer™ is a "Created Spokesperson" for MichaelThought Magazine™ and is portrayed by Michael Lee Morrissey, Founder of MichaelThought Magazine™ .

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