Don’t Get Polka Dot Eye Syndrome … A Few Seconds Isn’t Worth A Lifetime

 “Don’t Get Polka Dot Eye Syndrome … A Few Seconds Isn’t Worth A Lifetime”

Don’t Get A Missing Dot In Your Picture! “A missing Dot in the middle of what you see”, is how one person described it, who experienced this type of damage temporarily, as a result of stress induced migraine headaches and other conditions. It made it extremely difficult to read or study. Hear that kids and adults … hard to read things.

This damage to the retina of the human eye can apparently occur in anyone in just a few seconds … not minutes … seconds! That’s one complex eye ball/camera system we have and by the way … the burning is completely painless. You won’t feel a thing, while you stare up, frying your retina! Oh yes, it should be mentioned, it is my understanding of eye repair, that it can’t be repaired at this time,

So, that means, those few seconds of awe and wonder, observed improperly by some, could result in a permanent part of the population experiencing “Polka Dot Eye Syndrome”, for one reason or another … none of which are acceptable.

Don’t Look Up … It’s Not Worth It!!!

As a foot note, so to speak, it could be suggested, that if you see others just starring up at the sky, like it’s a starry night, you might mention to them, they might be frying their eyes … like eggs in a skillet. They will soon be done cooking … for life. They might be part of the “Polka Dot Eye Syndrome”, … that they wish hadn’t happened to them on that “one special day, back in August 2017.

Another note … Question??? About how many seconds before damage starts occurring to the retina … you know just a ball park estimate …. Answer … an estimate cannot be produced because of varying circumstances.

How about, just a Wild Guess Then! … Oh, if one were to guess, based on welding experience … and headaches experienced … a guess would be, you start frying your retina at about 3 or 4 seconds and by 10 to 30 seconds, you might remember this “once in a life time event”, in ways you don’t want to.

So! Don’t Look Up – It’s Not Worth It! Pass It On To Others Please.

“May The Eclipse Be A Happy Memory For You”

Disclaimer: “Polka Dot Eye Syndrome” is a made up name for use in this article.


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