Little Trees … Can Do A lot!


These Little Trees really can do a lot! Some of us have known the aroma of the Little Green Trees since we were kids. Some of us were hanging them in cars since the mid ‘60’s and some of us even earlier. Invented in 1952 and the name Little Trees® and even the shape and design of the tree was registered by the inventor Julius Sämann in 1954.

The story goes he had a conversation with a local milk man who was looking for help with the smell in his delivery truck of spilled milk that had soured. Mr. Sämann was interested in helping and set to work on the project. His travels in Canada studying pine trees was just what this product needed. Also, special attention to the material the tree was made out of, were of extreme importance and the chosen material was also included in his patent.

The product is Made In USA and is licensed in many countries. The company is still family owned and the “third generation” is now involved with the business.
While I have used different air fresheners in my cars and trucks over the last 50 years plus of traveling America’s highways, I seem to gravitate over time back to my original favorite. The Little Green Tree with the smell of pine, Royal Pine it says on the package label. I have concluded over time they are my 3rd favorite tree. They follow my favorite, of a walk woods of tall Southern Long Leaf Pines and of course they follow the not to be replaced fresh cut pine aroma of the Christmas Tree in the house at that extra special time of the year. So the fragrance of the Little Green Tree, especially in the Fall of the year can remind one of the upcoming holiday season and that’s a nice reminder.

Something else the Little Trees® can do once in a great while is to take you on a little nostalgia trip, even if only for a few fleeting seconds, back to times years ago with the Little Tree® hanging in your vehicle of that time as you get in, just waiting for you to enjoy it’s pleasant pine fragrance. While the vehicles we get in today are modern, fancy and comfortable, a brief nostalgia trip of a few moments, back to the days of a little simpler world and simpler vehicles and a simpler life, is in itself, refreshing in a way.
The Little Tree can sometimes also serve as a little reminder note. A note that says “sure, times have changed a lot, but we’re are still here! Me and you Little Tree®, we’ve made it this far, let’s just keep going! Yep! Little Trees® can do a lot!
Note: A little follow up on this article, recently we found the inventory ID Tag was missing from the big display for our favorite “Royal Pine” Tree at our favorite discount store. This is not a good sign, but we will check other stores soon. I had noticed on the Tree package it said you could use the Royal Pine to provide fragrance for your artificial tree at Christmas. I do hope this doesn’t mean it will become a “seasonal fragrance” and only available for the holiday season. Of course there will be some on line if this one becomes seasonal.

Follow Up Note: Happy, Happy! It’s back on the shelf again at our local big discount store.


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