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The information for Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water says bottled at the source to protect the waters freshness, purity and taste.

Well, it must work because of the many, many bottled waters I have tried over the past few years the Crystal Geyser Spring located near the Cherokee National Forest in Benton, Tennessee is now my top choice in Spring Water. I like that the bottling plant is located on Crystal Geyser Lane Benton, TN. Seemed like a fitting place to get delicious tasting spring water.

Of course “good tasting water” is a personal and very subjective choice, each to his own, as they say. This article has not been written to convince anyone this is the best tasting water on Earth, but to give accolades to one company and one spring in Tennessee for the Quality and Taste of their product. While the company CG Roxane® owns many springs and bottling plants in the USA, this one Won Top Prize in my book or in this case in my magazine MichaelThought Magazine. The consistent taste and product quality month after month has been wonderful and appreciated.

My latest pleasant discovery is the improvement in flavor and taste of my favorite late afternoon tea. As a substitute and pleasant change from the almost daily afternoon coffee break and visit time, I had switched to a delicious dinner tea called Oolong Tea. With a little cane sugar and touch of local honey this tea brew was yummy! And then recently I brewed my tea using the Spring Water from Benton, TN instead of tap water and my favorite tea tasted even better. What a nice accidental discovery.

With clean fresh drinking water being lacking in so many parts of planet Earth, it’s another blessing to live in the “Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave” because we have some of the best tasting water on Earth right here in the good old USA.

Pretty Much Any Size Bottle You Want 🙂

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