” I Got A Clean Shave All Year – Used Only One Blade – And TheBladeKeeper®”


“I shaved all year with the same blade and TheBladeKeeper®”

Update 3-26-2017   Yep! One Cartridge A Year – 3 yrs in a row now!

Yep! Did it again! Shaved all year and only used one razor blade cartridge because I use TheBladeKeeper®. This has got to be the best money saving tool out there, (well not out there yet, not quite time for our Kickstarter® fund raiser project yet … Summer 2017), so Thanks for your patience in bringing this money saving product to market. 


Quote By Michael Lee Morrissey  Inventor of TheBladeKeeper®

“Yes! You read that correctly! Good Clean Shave all year long … only used one razor blade!” 2014

Update 9-24-16 Gone past 6 months now on the same cartridge and still getting a good clean shave. In 6 more months I get a new cartridge after my birthday and that will make 3 years in a row that I used only one cartridge for the whole year. Costs me less than $5 a yr. to shave. Soon you too can save money like I do when, for the first time ever to the general public, TheBladeKeeper® is coming to Kickstarter. Watch for it in 2017.

Up Date! I Did it again! Used TheBladeKeeper and got a good clean shave for 12 months and only used one blade, just like I did last year. That’s shaving for all year 2014 for the cost of one cartridge, at about $4.50 each, in a four pack I bought in 2013. So, for all of 2015, I did the same thing, one cartridge. Soon, you will be able to get your own BladeKeeper® and do the same thing I did! Save money! And still get a good clean shave.  TheBladeKeeper does something no other tool does! It’s simple to use (just lay your razor on top of The BladeKeeper® between shaves and it will keep your blades sharp.) It hold two razors, so doubling your savings each month. It will save you a lot of money every month! Month after month, year after year!      Quality built to last more than a life time. Pass it on.   Patent Pending 2014

Made In USA   Pace FL     –  Comes with Certificate of Authenticity – Individually Number for Quality Assurance

UPDATE July 2016     Enjoying good clean shaves and cartridge is now 4 months old! Should shave all year with just this (1) popular 5 blade razor cartridge. I have noticed the price of a (4) pk at the store has gone up some. I bought this cartridge in a 4 pk back in 2013. Families across the good old USA are soon to get a chance to have their own TheBladeKeeper®  and start saving money like I do!  Kickstarter® Time Soon!                                                                  By Michael Lee Morrissey  7/17/16  
Coming  2017 The BladeKeeper®  From Creations Of Energy™
TheBladeKeeper®  Razor blades last 4 times longer or more! Guaranteed Money Back  

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